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Can You Stack Promo Codes At American Eagle? Does Next Offer NHS Discount?
Can You Stack Promo Codes At American Eagle? Does Next Offer NHS Discount?
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Can you use Walmart gift cards anywhere else?



How can I get Disney Plus for free?



Can you stack promo codes at American Eagle?



Does H&M do anything for birthdays?



Does Next offer NHS discount?



Can you stack promo codes on Uplay?



Does discount work on YETI coolers?







Can you use Walmart gift cards anywhere else?



Walmart gift cards can be used at all Walmart stores and Walmart-owned retailers such as Sam's Club stores and selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations in 2022. Unfortunately Walmart gift cards are not accepted at any other retail stores in America.







How can I get Disney Plus for free?



Head over to the Disney+ website and select 'Start Free Trial'. Step 2: Click the button entitled 'Start Free Trial' — or hit the one below. Step 3: Enter your email address followed by your credit card information. Enter your email address followed by your payment information.







Can you stack promo codes at American Eagle?



Can I stack Aerie coupon codes? You can stack some Aerie coupon codes. However not all coupons are stackable so make sure you read the fine print before you try to use two coupons at once. You can also use Aerie rewards points with your order even if you're already using a coupon.







Does H&M do anything for birthdays?



The membership program also comes with a few other benefits like a 25% off discount for your birthday free online returns member shopping events digital receipts and other exclusive offers and discounts.Ram. 16 1440 AH







Does Next offer NHS discount?



They don't tend to offer discount to specific groups such as NHS staff students or armed forces workers. However there are other ways to save with Next. These sales offer huge discounts in store as well as online! So you can be sure to get yourself a bargain at one of these sales.







Can you stack promo codes on Uplay?



Can it be applied on gear? The coupon can be used to make purchases on the Ubisoft Store. However it is not applicable on pre-orders gear and virtual currency. Also it is not stackable with other coupons.







Does discount work on YETI coolers?



When logged in to your Wallet on only applicable items will appear with the discounted strike-through pricing. Discounted products are subject to availability. Limited Edition Collegiate and new-release products are excluded.







How do I get the best price on a mattress?



How to Get the Best Price on a New MattressCheck Out the Mattress Return Policy. Read the Warranty's Fine Print. Understand How Material Affects Cost. Drive a Hard Bargain. Search for Model-Specific Coupons and Discounts Online. Look for Exclusive or Under-the-Radar Deals. Always Check Amazon Before You Buy.









Zola vs. The Knot: Which Wedding Registry Is Better





Compared to Zola, The Knot does not require users to take as many questionnaires and surveys to customize their website experiences. Some couples prefer this approach because it’s less overwhelming. Here are some of the best features couples can enjoy when using The Knot for their wedding registries.



Zola vs. The Knot: Which Wedding Registry Is Better?



Setting up a wedding registry is often the last thing on couples’ minds while they’re planning their weddings. After all, who has time to put together an entire registry when there are so many other wedding planning tasks to do? Luckily, several wedding websites have made the process of creating a registry simple, fast, and stress free.



The two most common websites couples use to set up their gift registries are Zola and The Knot. Each of these websites has its own advantages and disadvantages that may fit better with your personal needs. In this article, we’ll examine Zola versus The Knot to help you decide which wedding registry is better for you and your partner. Some of the specific difference we’ll cover include:





  • Zola



    • Free shipping and returns




    • Worry-free exchanges




    • 20 percent off post-wedding purchases




    • Gift trackers




    • Registry store




    • Professional wedding website designs and cash funds




    Let’s get started!





    Zola has been a successful, trusted wedding resource website for newly engaged couples since 2013. Packed with customizable features to build wedding websites, How do I get Puma student discount? How do you attach a wreath to a gift card? registries, and invitations, Zola is an ideal resource for couples who enjoy a personalized user experience. Compared to other bridal resource websites, Zola uses a variety of questionnaires and surveys to tailor its algorithm to better fit couples’ needs.



    For example, when setting up wedding registries on Zola, couples must fill out a questionnaire that asks them to clarify their preferred gifts, their mutual interests, and current stress levels. Once they complete this survey, Zola automatically pulls information and features to make their user experience convenient and valuable.



    Couples that use Zola for their registries may also enjoy three main benefits. Check out these exclusive features below.



    Free Shipping and Returns



    Let’s face it: not all wedding gifts are winners. Sometimes, guests completely miss the mark, and other times, duplicate gifts happen. The last thing newlywed couples should have to worry about in their first few weeks of marriage is returning unwanted wedding gifts back to stores. These returns often take time, and couples can ultimately spend a large chunk of change shipping gifts back to stores.



    Zola solves this hassle by offering free shipping and returns on all wedding registry gifts. Simply log into your Zola account, click an item on your registry, and select the return option to begin the process of printing your free shipping label. Couples can save a significant amount of time using this stress-free feature, and no extra cost is added to their budgets.



    Worry-Free Exchanges



    Many couples receive gifts that they’d prefer to exchange for different models. To avoid added hassle and stress, most newly married couples either return these gifts entirely or just try to make them work. Zola makes the process of exchanging wedding registry gifts much simpler and more convenient. Regardless of where guests bought an item, Zola uses its database to find the best exchange.



    20 Percent Off Post-Wedding Purchases



    If you’re worried about your post-wedding budget, consider taking advantage of Zola’s 20-percent-off post-wedding discount. After your wedding, Zola automatically applies a 20 percent discount to all items remaining on your registry for up to six months. So whether you have a large purchase in mind or run out of everyday household supplies, Zola will ensure you get the best price for these purchases.





    Hey! I’m sure there’s already a thread out there, but at this point in the night, ya girl just needs some help.



    Does Zola registry take a percentage?







    Hey! I’m sure there’s already a thread out there, but at this point in the night, ya girl just needs some help.



    Today I started a Zola registry. I’ve been going AT IT all day. I started to get a weirs feeling about the site. I know they charge you a fee if you ask for cash, or if you chose the option to "convert your gift to cash value."



    My question is, if I just have Zola direct my guests to a link, everything is cool right?



    I’m not setting up a honeymoon find or a cash fund. I just like the idea that Zola is a universal registry and I can add anything to one place, instead of telling people I’m registered at A, B, C, and D.



    I’ve searched and searched but can’t really find a set answer to my question. I’m hoping there’s some wedditors out there who have experience with Zola or another universal registry site.





    I may be wrong, but as far as I know there isn't any website that will let your guests pay into a cash registry without taking some kind of fee. I have my registry on Zola and love it. Definitely easier having it all in one place rather than going "I'm registered at A,B and C. " And actually getting the gifts has been easy too! They email saying "X bought you a gift," then you can choose to wait until the wedding is closer or just have them ship it now. And then it shows up on your doorstep! 😊 so overall I've been very satisfied with Zola!



    I think the feature of holding an item for shipping is only available if you register with a Zola item. I also read somewhere that if you wait too long to ship a Zola item someone purchased for you, it can go out of stock ( since I’m not registering any Zola items, I’m not sure about this, but you might want to check up on it.)



    I’m not registering for any of Zola’s items, or a cash/honeymoon fund. Solely using it as a base for items from Target, IKEA, BB&B, and Amazon.



    We have a Zola registry, too. We linked to products from other stores in addition to selecting some items from Zola. Like you, we turned off the option to have guests contribute cash for the items from other merchants. We knew Zola would take a percentage of the cash gift and we wanted to avoid that!



    It’s worked out fine so far with the items we chose at other stores. I’ve already had my shower and received lots of gifts off of the Zola registry that were sold elsewhere. The guests remembered to mark them as purchased on Zola and the items made their way to me (or to the guest) without issue. I haven’t heard any complaints from guests about the process being cumbersome or anything. I think you’re good to go using Zola purely as a registry to house items from other merchants 🙂





    I also see people saying they got cut off at 70. My test went to 120 . Any reason for this?



    Does the NREMT website give you an actual score on your registry test, or does it only say whether you pass or fail?





    I also see people saying they got cut off at 70. My test went to 120 . Any reason for this?





    Didn't even get something saying i passed. Just checked the website and was certified



    You wont get a score, only a pass fail. Its a computer adjusted test which means that when you get a question correct, you get a harder question. When you get a question wrong, you get an easier question. By the question max you have to have maintained above a certain difficulty. Or, you dropped too low to be saved. So in theory, getting cut off at 70 could mean great success, or epic failure. The number of questions will not correlate with your likelihood of passing. However, the results of the NREMT exams usually come back within 48 hours, so just keep checking online.





    Visit “Edit Pages ” under Website. Click on the “RSVP” page. Enable online RSVPs by making the page visible to your guests.



    Set up a page on a crowdfunding website like Plumfund and direct your wedding guests to make a donation in lieu of a traditional wedding gift. It’s free so you can donate every penny received to your favourite charities 100% of the time.



    Ask them to make donations to that charity! ‘In Lieu of Gifts’ Wording for a Wedding





    1. "In lieu of gifts, we wish to spread more love by requesting that guests make a donation to [charity]."


    3. "In lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to a charity of your choice."


    5. "Our love has already brought us so many gifts.






    A value entry uses much less registry space than a key. To save space, an application should group similar data together as a structure and store the structure as a value rather than storing each of the structure members as a separate key. (Storing the data in binary form allows an application to store data in one value that would otherwise be made up of several incompatible types.)



    Windows 2000



    Registry data is stored in the paged pool, an area of physical memory used for system data that can be written to disk when not in use. The RegistrySizeLimit value establishes the maximum amount of paged pool that can be consumed by registry data from all applications. This value is located in the following registry key:



    By default, the registry size limit is 25 percent of the paged pool. (The default size of the paged pool is 32 MB, so this is 8 MB.) The system ensures that the minimum value of RegistrySizeLimit is 4 MB and the maximum is approximately 80 percent of the PagedPoolSize value. If the value of this entry is greater than 80 percent of the size of the paged pool, the system sets the maximum size of the registry to 80 percent of the size of the paged pool. This prevents the registry from consuming space needed by processes. Note that setting this value does not allocate space in the paged pool, nor does it assure that the space will be available if needed.



    The paged pool size is determined by the PagedPoolSize value in the following registry key:



    For an example of how to determine the current and maximum sizes of the registry, see Determining the Registry Size.



    The maximum paged pool is approximately 300,470 MB so the registry size limit is 240-376 MB. However, if the /3GB switch is used, the maximum paged pool size is 192 MB, so the registry can be a maximum of 153.6 MB.





    While the Honeyfund balance cannot be redeemed for cash gift, it can be used with any of Honeyfund’s partners who offer such services as:



    How the Honeyfund Service Works



    You create your wedding planning and honeymoon page + registry page which comes with the following:





    • Customizable traditional gifts wishlist (wedding gift registry)


    • Honeyfund gift card registry


    • Universal registry capability


    • Store registry syncing


    • Exclusive service discounts and offers


    • A webpage to share and post on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter share)






    Planning a wedding? Been there! I used Honeyfund and did NOT regret it. I built an AMAZING registry in minutes and plan the ultimate honeymoon. Check it out.



    If you are unsure of how to create your own registry experience or don’t want to spend the time and effort, choose from Honeyfund’s own popular, pre-selected honeymoon travel options including:





    • Italy


    • The Hawaiian Islands


    • The Caribbean




    You choose your payment options, one of which is the Honeyfund Balance. It is the essential feature of Honeyfund and the most flexible way to receive your gifts. There are no transaction fees.







    Complete a Change of Address form to update your information, provide proof of residency (e.g. Ontario Photo Card, driver’s license) if you are over 18, and mail or email it to the MNO Registry.



    Current Citizens



    1) What does my new citizenship card entitle me to?





    • Proof of citizenship with the Métis Nation


    • Access to all MNO programs and services, including education, training, housing, health, economic development, etc.


    • Ability to participate in MNO activities, including community meetings and cultural events


    • Voting privileges in MNO elections and Annual General Assemblies


    • Ability to run and hold office within MNO governance structures (e.g. MNO Community Councils, Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario, etc.)


    • Ability to apply for an MNO Harvesters Card (if you connect to a Verified Métis Family Line)


    • The Métis Voyageur newsletter and communication on other MNO updates




    2) Can an MNO citizenship card be used for a tax exemption?



    No. Métis are not presently exempt from paying provincial or federal taxes. You should not attempt to use an MNO citizenship card for this purpose. If you do, you will be personally liable for any legal consequences.



    3) Does my MNO citizenship card expire?



    Yes, your card will need to be updated with a new photo five years after the date of issue; the expiry date is listed on your new card. If you move or change your name, you should update your contact information with the MNO Registry.



    4) I lost my citizenship card. What should I do?



    The MNO Registry can issue you a replacement card. You can fill out the Request for Replacement Card form online or contact the Registry to request that a copy be mailed to you.



    5) I’ve moved. What should I do?



    Complete a Change of Address form to update your information, provide proof of residency (e.g. Ontario Photo Card, driver’s license) if you are over 18, and mail or email it to the MNO Registry.



    6) I have legally changed my name. What should I do?



    You must complete a Request for Replacement Card form and provide a document that proves your name change – for example, a copy of your marriage certificate and/or a change of name certificate.



    7) Can I transfer my citizenship from one province to another?



    No. At this time, the Métis Nation registries across the Métis Nation Homeland do not have a standard procedure for individuals who move between provinces. If you wish to obtain citizenship in a new province, you must submit a full application in that province. However, it may be helpful to request your file from the Registry you were previously registered with to provide to your new Provincial registry.



    8) How can I get involved with the MNO, meet other Métis, and attend events in my community?



    Visit the MNO’s website to learn about upcoming events, read the Métis Voyageur, visit your local MNO office, attend community council meetings, or contact the Métis Community Council closest to you.





    When I ran into New York City tech kingpin Kevin Ryan last month, the serial entrepreneur had a new company on the tip of his tongue: Zola, a wedding registry startup.



    Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.



    When I ran into New York City tech kingpin Kevin Ryan last month, the serial entrepreneur had a new company on the tip of his tongue: Zola, a wedding registry startup.



    It’s not that it’s rare for Ryan to be excited about a new company. After all, he founded Gilt Groupe, Business Insider, open source database firm MongoDB and, yes, Zola. His job is to talk up his companies.



    But it was the most passion I’ve heard in Ryan’s voice in a long time. And, it seems, for good reason. Zola, which launched in late 2013, did $8 million in gross sales in 2014. This year, it is projecting that number to increase to $40 million based on the number of new registry signups it has seen over the last few months. And it is working toward being profitable by next quarter.



    The company, which is run by former Gilt execs, aspires to build the wedding registry for the millennial generation — one that is nice to look at, maybe even fun to use and with a great app. Along the way, it has built a retail website and marketplace dedicated exclusively to wedding registries.



    Couples who sign up for Zola can choose from about 8,000 different products to add to their registries. Zola sells wedding registry mainstays like KitchenAid mixers and Waterford wine glasses. But it also allows couples to add the kind of stuff you won’t find at Macy’s or Crate & Barrel or Target: Think subscriptions for trendy meal kits, delivered with a recipe and the exact measured-out ingredients to cook that meal, or bike tours in France’s wine country.



    "We think of it as the place where you go to build a wedding registry that is essentially you," CEO Shan-Lyn Ma said in an interview.



    It can be fun. The Zola app lets couples add items with a swipe to the right and discard with a swipe to the left. Yes, just like the dating app Tinder.



    It’s also flexible. Couples can use the Zola registry to request cash to be used toward a honeymoon, a fancy dinner or even a charity donation. They can turn on a group-buying feature that lets a group of guests chip in together to buy a single gift. They can also choose when gifts get shipped — a feature that seems straightforward but is not common with traditional registries.





    Zola charges a 2.7 percent fee when a wedding guest gives cash. Couples can choose to pass on the fee to their guests or pay themselves. The company’s main revenue source is the cut it receives from the brands and companies whose products and activity packages it sells. Zola takes a fee of around 20 percent for activities and as much as 40 percent for product sales.



    Ma says 55 percent of Zola couples do not sign up for any other registries. The remaining 45 percent often do so to provide an option for family members who would rather pick out a gift in a physical store.



    Traditional registries from brick-and-mortar retailers pose a challenge, but you could imagine young couples who grew up attached to their smartphones thinking these registries feel completely outdated.



    Amazon also offers a registry service, which gives couples a huge product catalogue to choose from. But Zola’s trifecta of product selection, activity packages and cash options has helped it carve out its own space in the category.



    The company has raised a little more than $6 million from Thrive Capital and Ryan. Its last round — which closed in the fall — totaled $2.6 million, which was less than its previous round. That’s not common for a startup with traction, so I asked Ma for the backstory. She said the company was working toward profitability this year, and didn’t want to take on more cash than it needed.



    "The beauty of our business is that it is not as capital-intensive as many others," she said in a follow-up email. The vast majority — about 99 percent — of the items Zola sells are shipped to a couple from the manufacturer. As a result, Zola stores very little inventory.



    "We believe we will be one of the fastest startups to reach profitability with significant revenue," Ma continued. "That is one goal we think is worth striving for."



    This article originally appeared on



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    Los acuerdos de honorarios que los titulares de las cuentas tienen con APX o IHS Markit se mantuvieron en vigor hasta el lanzamiento del Registro Verra. A partir de la fecha de inicio, se aplica el nuevo plan de tarifas del Verra, que está disponible aquí. La política del Verra es ser transparente y justo con las tarifas que cobra, lo que significa que se aplicarán de la misma manera a todos los usuarios.



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Verra Registry Transition



    The decision is directly tied to Verra’s strategy of broadening the scope of standards we manage. Over the years, we have taken over the management of or developed new standards, including the Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards and the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta). We anticipate that our portfolio of standards will continue to grow. Each of these standards will ultimately require the supporting services provided by a registry, and we believe that centralizing Verra Registry administration will lead to more efficient and streamlined registry services.



    Verra staff have been intimately involved in overseeing and guiding registry services provided by APX and IHS Markit, meaning we understand well the services we will need to support. Before the transition, Verra already administered one in-house registry in its capacity as an Offset Project Registry (OPR) for the California compliance offset program. The OPR has been integrated into the new Verra Registry.



    We have partnered with APX to build our registry platform and have hired several new staff to manage account openings, oversee registration and issuance requests, and ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently.



    Until now, Verra’s multi-registry system was the exception to the rule regarding registry administration. All of the major GHG programs manage their own registries.



    We worked to make the transfer of accounts from the APX and IHS Markit registries to the new Verra Registry as seamless as possible. Following the cutoff time, account information from every APX and IHS Markit account was transferred to the Verra Registry. At 9:00 am EDT on 9 April, Verra Registry account holders were notified via email that their Verra accounts had been created. (Please note that this email was sent to the contact listed as the “Account Manager” in your APX or IHS Markit registry accounts.) For former IHS Markit account holders, Verra provided your new username and password in advance of the go-live date. To activate those accounts, all account holders must agree to the Verra Registry Terms of Use which can be viewed here.



    All accounts are subject to a Verra “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) check, which will take place within 90 days of the go-live date. During that 90-day period, account holders will still be able to access and use their Verra Registry accounts and will subsequently be notified whether they have passed the KYC check.



    Yes, if you were an active account holder participating in the APX or IHS Markit registries your projects, issuances, and active credit balances (i.e., holdings) are available in the new Verra Registry.



    If you were an APX account holder, all your account data was migrated with your account into the Verra Registry. If you were an IHS Markit account holder, the following data was not migrated to your Verra Registry account.





    • Historical actions such as approvals, status changes and inter-registry or account transfers are not “in registry.” They were available via report or data extract from your IHS Markit account prior to the cutoff time.


    • User-created IHS Markit sub accounts were not migrated; these have to be recreated in the Verra registry. Your Verra Registry account will have a “Default Active” and “Default Retirement” sub account. These default sub accounts will have the holdings previously held in your IHS Markit sub accounts.


    • Pending Issuance Units (PIUs) from IHS Markit accounts are not available. Verra does anticipate developing a like-product in the future.




    Note that if you held accounts in both the APX and IHS Markit registries, they are available in the Verra Registry as separate accounts.



    Please contact your Registry Administrator if you did not back up your account data prior to April 9 and require information from your previous account.



    Organizations who have outstanding financial obligations to APX or IHS Markit may not activate an account on the new Verra Registry until they are in good standing with the relevant existing registry.



    In case an organization has a credit with APX or IHS Markit, the procedures will be as follows:





    • In the case of APX: APX will issue checks to each account holder refunding them the full amount of any credit balance.


    • In the case of IHS Markit: Account holders may reach out to IHS Markit with any questions.




    The APX and IHS Markit registries ceased supporting Verra-related transactions at their respective cutoff times. Following the cutoff time, all Verra-related registry information was migrated to your accounts in the new Verra Registry. Verra Registry account holders are able to access their accounts once they have agreed to the Verra Registry Terms of Use.



    Fee arrangements that account holders have with APX or IHS Markit remained in effect until the Verra Registry launched. As of the go-live date, the new Verra fee schedule applies, which is available here. It is Verra policy to be transparent and fair with the fees it charges, meaning that they will be applied in the same manner to all users.



    The hours of operation for registry administration are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern Time. You can contact the Registry Administration team at registry@ null Note that only individuals listed as the “Account Manager” can contact the Registry Administrators regarding their accounts.



    Preguntas y repuestas en Español:



    La decisión está directamente relacionada con la estrategia de Verra para ampliar el alcance de los estándares que manejamos. A través de los años, hemos asumido la gestión y también hemos desarrollado nuevos estándares, incluyendo Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards y el Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta). También anticipamos que nuestro portafolio de estándares continuará creciendo. Cada uno de estos requerirá de los servicios adicionales de soporte que provee un registro y desde Verra creemos que administrar un registro centralizado nos permitirá tener servicios más eficientes y sistematizados.



    El equipo de Verra ha estado vinculado de manera cercana en la supervisión de los servicios prestados por APX e IHS Markit, esto quiere decir, que entendemos muy bien los servicios que tendremos que prestar a los clientes. Antes de la transición, Verra había administrado un registro propio para el programa de compensaciones de California, este es el Offset Project Registry (OPR).



    Nos hemos asociado con APX para construir nuestra plataforma de registro y hemos contratado nuevas personas en Verra para que manejen los procesos de apertura de cuentas, supervisión del registro y solicitudes de emisión de VCUs, así como asegurar que el sistema funcione sin problemas y de manera eficiente.



    Hasta ahora, el registro múltiple de Verra era la excepción a la regla en lo que concierne a la administración de los registros. Todos los grandes programas de GHG manejan sus propios registros.



    Hemos trabajado para que la transferencia de las cuentas de APX e HIS Markit al registro de Verra sea lo menos traumática posible. Después del tiempo de inactividad de las cuentas, toda la información de estas, tanto las de IHS Markit como las de APX, fue transferida al registro de Verra. A las 9:00 am EDT del 09 de Abril de 2020, los propietarios de las cuentas en el Registro de Verra, fueron notificados vía mail que sus cuentas en Verra se habían creado (por favor tenga en cuenta que esta información fue enviada a los datos del administrador de cuenta que aparecía en los registros de IHS Markit y APX). Para quienes tenían cuentas en IHS Markit, Verra les envió un usuario y contraseña antes de iniciar el funcionamiento de nuestra plataforma. Para activar dichas cuentas, los usuarios deberán aceptar las condiciones de uso del registro, las cuáles pueden ser revisadas aquí



    Todas las cuentas están sujetas al chequeo de Verra bajo la denominación: "Conocer a tu Cliente", el cual se desarrollará dentro de los siguientes 90 días desde el lanzamiento de la plataforma. Durante estos 90 días, los dueños de las cuentas, aún podrán entrar al registro y hacer uso de sus cuentas, los usuarios serán notificados una vez pasen el proceso de chequeo de Verra.



    Sí, si usted es un usuario activo de las plataformas de APX o IHS Markit, sus proyectos, emisiones de créditos y balances de créditos activos (p.e holdings) están disponibles en el nuevo Registro de Verra.



    Si usted fue usuario de APX, todos los datos de su cuenta fueron migrados a su cuenta del Registro de Verra. Si usted fue usuario de IHS Markit, la siguiente información no fue migrada a su cuenta de Verra:





    • Acciones históricas, como aprobaciones, cambios de estatus y las transferencias entre registros y entre cuentas. Esta información estuvo disponible a manera de reporte o extracción de datos en su cuenta de IHS Markit antes del momento de corte.


    • Sub cuentas creadas por los usuarios de IHS Markit no fueron migradas; estas deberán ser recreadas en el registro de Verra. Su cuenta del Registro Verra tendrá una subcuenta de “Activo por defecto” y “Jubilación por defecto”. Estas subcuentas predeterminadas tendrán los holdings anteriores que tenían en sus subcuentas de IHS Markit.


    • Las Unidades Pendientes de Emisión (PIUs) de las cuentas de IHS Markit no estarán disponibles. Verra anticipa que creará un producto similar en el futuro.




    Por favor tenga en cuenta que sI usted tenía cuentas tanto en APX como en IHS Markit, estas estarán disponibles en el Registro de Verra como cuentas separadas.



    Por favor contacte su administrador de registro si usted no creó un soporte de los datos de su cuenta, con anterioridad al 9 de Abril de 2020 y si requiere información de sus cuentas en dichos registros.



    Las organizaciones que tienen obligaciones financieras pendientes con APX o IHS Markit no pueden activar una cuenta en el nuevo Registro Verra hasta que estén al día con dichas obligaciones. En el caso de que la organización tenga saldos a favor con APX e IHS Markit se deberá cumplir con el siguiente procedimiento:





    • En el caso de APX: APX emitirá cheques a cada dueño de cuentas, con el reembolso de los valores totales de cualquier saldo a favor.


    • En el caso de IHS Markit: Los dueños de cuentas deberán acercarse a IHS Markit para resolver este punto.




    Los registros APX e IHS Markit dejaron de apoyar las transacciones relacionadas con Verra en sus respectivos tiempos de corte. Después de la hora límite, toda la información del registro Verra fue migrada a sus cuentas en el nuevo registro Verra. Los titulares de cuentas del Registro Verra pueden acceder a sus cuentas una vez que hayan aceptado los Términos de Uso del Registro Verra.



    Los acuerdos de honorarios que los titulares de las cuentas tienen con APX o IHS Markit se mantuvieron en vigor hasta el lanzamiento del Registro Verra. A partir de la fecha de inicio, se aplica el nuevo plan de tarifas del Verra, que está disponible aquí. La política del Verra es ser transparente y justo con las tarifas que cobra, lo que significa que se aplicarán de la misma manera a todos los usuarios.



    El horario de atención de los administradores de registro es de 8:00 am a 6:00 pm, hora del Este. Puede contactar al equipo de registro en el correo electrónico registry@ null Recuerde que solo los individuos registrados como administrador de la cuenta podrán contactar al equipo de Verra para preguntar sobre sus cuentas.





    Try using Windows Driver Verifier to detect problematic devices that cause your drive to overwork:



    Any port in a storm, we are afraid:



    if all the above-mentioned tips have taken you nowhere, you might as well consider reinstalling your operating system. Unfortunately, this will wipe out all your personal files. Therefore, make sure you have backed them up.



    There is one more solution to the 100 % disk usage problem. This solution entails using OS Performance Service in order to identify and fix your system’s ‘trouble spots’. So, if the issue still persists, we recommend you to explore our next article.





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Can I use student ID for discounts? Can you use multiple coupons in one purchase?
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