Attacks, protections

My mission is also to motivate the people to become more powerful by learning some of the attacks that I know, you can learn some of these attacks by making missions as we recommend to do it, I have margin anyway, at one point it’s the man with the most of mental strength who win and what increases the most mental strength is to make hard mission. I personally make all the missions so I have enough mental strength. If the planetary leaders are powerful it helps me to reach the goals of source leadership. Some attacks are reached at a high leadership level. It’s also possible to ask God to prevent you from making mistakes with your attacks. God can teach you these attacks depending on your leadership level if you make missions as we recommend to do it.

It’s important to understand that many people like attacking the people without real reason and to have knowledges in self-defense or attacks is useful to increase security. Many people attacked in other dimensions than the main dimension even on this planet with a police, this police was mostly for the main dimension. 

  • Attacks with storms/lightnings, it’s my main attack and this is extremely precise, these are real lightnings with the thunder sound and storm. I can invock tornados and take lightnings in my hand to throw it on the man who I fight like in this video at 15min28. It’s not me who has created this video and this game, I am more powerful than men like kratos, I will win all my fights, God has confirmed, I will be invincible. I can finish a fight when I want with all the skills that I know, it works everytime against all types of people, but if I finish all the fights too rapidly, no one will want to fight with me in tournament at one point, and I need to fight in tournament like everyone (everyone need to fight as explained in this part, the people often don’t realize that they need to fight but they really need that sometimes, not everytime, God has confirmed), so each time I fight in tournament I will fight enough time before finishing the fights, so that the people will want to fight with me in tournament, I will finish the fights when I want, if the person has a magical shield I can deactivate it and finish the fight, I can also take my invicible mental shield to block all the attack and I can finish the fight thanks to that, I can invock lightnings to finish the fight, etc, I have a lot of techniques to finish a fight. If you want to see me fight in tournament you have to come in our group, we will go in a place where there are tournaments later after this mission and God can help our group to come too. We have used this technique to come on this planet with our group so it’s clearly achievable without any problem. You can be in our group without meeting us, just ask God to be in our group and he will help you to join us where there are these tounaments later, you can ask him to go there with those who you know for example.
  • Attacks with knives, swords, handguns, lightsabers
  • Attacks with punches, the more someone has mental strength like in my case, the more his punches are powerful
  • Mental attacks, mental attacks exist and are known mostly by some people who have made missions, it’s God who teach mental attacks 
    • Mental commands like:
      • To make someone lose memory for example. You can learn this attack when you are at the second level of Olympians (Olympian kings)
      • Or to block the regeneration of someone after an attack, some people can regenerate themselves rapidly when they take a blow, so I can block that. 
      • I have also a command to prevent the people from shooting me with guns for example, when I have this command on me no one can shoot me with guns, it’s impossible. 
      • Or a command to make someone become disabled. This attack doesn’t work on me because I can block this attack, I can block all the mental attacks. You can learn this attack at the level of the Olympian group, if you are in the Olympian group you will know this attack.
      • A command to be unattackable in all the dimensions. You can learn this protection at the level of game leadership. So all the game leaders can win against thousands of powerful people thanks to this command, if thousands of powerful people attack them at the same time, they take this command to be unattackable and they just have to attack them one after the other.
      • A command to force someone to do something, to stop a war for example. This skill is also useful to humiliate someone if you need to strike back about something, if someone really cross the limits with you and really disrespect you, it’s not a trap to humiliate him if what he has done to you is not serious enough to fight him, it’s possible to force this person to dance in front of people, or force him to do pretty much all what you want, you just need to imagine what you want him to do and use the command, and he will do it. The goal is also to not attract underserved blows because of the law of attraction which says that you attract what you do, because if you use this skill without reason to humiliate someone, it’s not deserved, in this case you will lose this skill, I have asked God to make you forget this skill if you use it without reason or when it’s not deserved enough. This skill is also useful when you have sex with a woman, because sometimes they like being controlled, women like when her man does what he wants because it’s a male behaviour to take the decisions, it’s masculine so it’s useful in a masculine phase, less in a hierogamic phase, normally women need that her man is hierogamic sometimes in order to stop trying to take the upper-hand, stop being masculine and start to take the hierogamic energy for a moment which is highly attractive for women too, it’s just other behaviours. To force a woman to take a position with this skill is highly attractive for her sometimes and it can be positive if your main intention is to respect or to give pleasure or another good intention, even if your secondary intention is to give pleasure to yourself it can also be negative if you have no good intention during a negative phase, twice work, women like when their man has no good intention for negative sexuality in negative phase, it’s attractive for them and this skill is useful in negative phase sometimes. It’s strongly not recommended to be in negative sexuality everytime mostly with this skill, it’s why you can learn this skill at the level of game leadership when you clearly like being in positive phase, when you clearly know how to respect women, when you know the risks and consequences of this skill, when you know the risks if you use it with some women who really don’t agree, etc, To use this skill to force a woman to do something to you while she really refuse to do it is a trap, and I have asked God to make you forget this skill if you use it to force women to do something to you if they really don’t want to do it, they like everytime with me, they really like that, I still don’t use it regularly because sometimes it’s necessary to not use it, it’s better to not use it sometimes. It’s me who have found this skill so I have to make sure that no one will use it excessively with some women who don’t agree. I warn about the risks, but this skill is extremely useful and highly attractive for women, it’s a good skill, you become more attractive for women with this skill.  
      • Or a command to force someone to say something, just imagine what you want him to say, and he will say it, it’s the same thing for this skill, I have asked God to make you forget this skill if you use it without reason or if it’s not deserved, it’s possible to use it to humiliate someone to strike back when it’s really serious for example, in this case it’s deserved, it’s God who choose if it’s deserved or not.
      • A command to force someone to not talk, it’s the same thing for this one, I have God to make you forget this attack if you use it without reason, or too much time or if it’s not deserved. This skill is useful when someone mad will say something that you don’t want to hear or something disrespectful, you just have to say “I don’t want to hear you” by using this command, and it will work, the person will stop talking for a moment, until you remove the command. You can learn this skill at the level of game leadership.
      • A command to force someone to not come to a place like a home
      • A command to force a group or someone to not come to see me
      • A command to force someone or a group to go somewhere
      • A command to make someone limp, I am the only man who knows how to do that, I have learned this attack because I am leader of the Olympian group. 
      • A command to deactivate shields like magical shields
      • I have also a command to force someone or a group of people to not attack during a fight during the time that I want. 
      • Or a command to force a group who attack me to fight among themselves
      • Or a command to change the target of an attack, for example if someone attacks me with an attack, the target of this attack will be him, not me
      • Or a command to prevent someone from looking at me, it means that the person can’t attack me easily without looking at me.
      • Or a command to submit someone, so the person will stop being disrespectful or aggressive or he will stop attacking if he submit like all those who submit, he will look down like someone who is submitted, this skill is useful to end a fight, or when someone mad doesn’t want to stop attacking someone or you. You can learn this skill at the level of game leadership. You just have to say “you submit” by using this command, and it will work.
      • Or a mental attack to kill someone from a distance, to use this attack, just think about the person and use this mental attack against him, the person will die immediately even if he doesn’t see you or even if you are far from him. You can learn this skill at the level of leadership of a massive leadership zone. I have asked God to make you forget this attack if you use it without reason, when it’s not deserved. And you can also ask God to prevent you from making mistakes with all your attacks (the mistake to attack while you didn’t want to attack for example, if you are drunk for example, so God can prevent you from attacking by mistake if you didn’t want to attack, so that you use your attacks only when it’s deserved, when you have a reason to use your attacks, I have powerful attacks since milliions of years and I have never made a mistake about that, I use them only when it’s deserved, when I have a reason to use my attacks). This attack doesn’t work on me because I can block all the mental attacks, so if someone use this attack on me, it won’t work, I will block this attack automatically.
      • Or mental cuts, to cut something in 2 parts by using the mental, I can block this attack, it means that if someone use this attack on me, it has no effect
      • I have also a command that I can use on me, when I have this command no one can look at me except those who I want, so it’s useful when I walk in the street without being recognized for example, or if I want to have sex outside with a woman without that the people around us look at us, so thanks to this mental command, no one can see us doing that, it’s useful sometimes. 
    • Mental invocations
      • Like mental krakens, mental dragons, mental mastodons, to succeed in controling a mental invocation you have to succeed in controling the real invocation before that. A mental invocation can attack exactly like the real invocation, but the man who you fight can’t attack the invocation, because it’s mental, it’s not physical, so the only way to win against a mental invocation is to deactivate it, or to think that the mental invocation has no effect on you, it works if you have more mental strength than the man who you fight.
      • A command to deactivate a mental invocation
    • Or mental protection (it’s the most powerful type of shields combined with enough mental strength): 
      • Personal shield, it’s a sphere around the person which protect from attacks, these shields are not disturbing, it’s almost imperceptible, the more you have mental strength the more it will block the attacks. My shield is invincible because I have the maximum of mental strength, I have reached the limit.
      • Space shield, it’s a shield around the home or appartment to protect it against attacks or people if necessary
  • Attacks with guns, weapons 
  • Magical attacks
  • I can also invock massive energetic rays, or fire, or large laser rays where I want which desintegrate the man who I fight rapidly, etc. You can learn how to invock fire at a high leadership level, everyone can reach this level if you use our technique to make missions.
  • Or to invoke 2 massive armored plates to use them as compressor
  • I can also invock a black energy in a large zone like the battlefield, so that the men who I fight don’t see me in the black energy, but I can see them. I remove the black energy after my attacks, it’s useful to end a fight for example. 
  • Attacks with invocations, I have personally a lot of dragons, a kraken. I teach how to take other dragons as invocation, the key is to take them as invocation adults, and to be more powerful than them, it’s possible to motivate them to fight for you and to do it by respect, if they respect you it happens that they want to fight for you. I also fly on dragons, it’s possible to learn how to stay hooked on a dragon when he flies. I teach how to be a dragonlord. I have captured a kraken to learn how to control a kraken, so that I know how to control a mental kraken now, it’s useful to fight, I have asked him to take a human body after that, so he has a human body now
  • I can also take a dragon body to attack, a lion body, a tiger body, etc
  • Attacks with invocation of objects like missiles with my hands or guns that I can invoke and they are functional, I succeed in invocking giant swords also, giant lightsabers. I can also invoke a lot of large spears which hit my target at an extreme speed.
  • Attacks with curses, there are many types of curses, some curses are used to reduce memory, to reduce your concentration, or to reduce your sociability. I know how to put extremely powerful curses which reduce concentration, reduce the ability to talk normally and to walk normally, it’s really disturbing. I use curses rarely, only when it’s deserved.
  • I can also block all types of mental attacks 
  • I can also block the fire thanks to my mental strength, my skin is resistant to fire. So that if someone attack me with fire, the fire has no effect on my skin/my body.
  • Teleportation is also useful during a fight
  • To lift large objects like big rocks, etc by using the mental, I can also immobilize someone, or make him move, or attract an object like a sword or light saber in my hand by using the mental
  • I can also fly by using the mental
  • I can also read someone’s mind, I can force the man who attack me to tell me rapidly who has forced him to attack me, so that I can attack these 2 men easily
  • I can also change of body when I want in other dimensions, some people didn’t know that it’s possible to do that, many people know how to do that. The transformation lasts about 1 or 2 seconds.
  • I can also regenerate extremely rapidly my body if I take a blow during a fight.
  • I have also built a technological armor in the past which is highly resistant to impacts, weapons, bullets, etc in all the dimensions and it’s particularly useful to fight, someone will be helped by God later to build it again, so that I can use it again, for the moment I don’t have it. But I can be unattackable in all dimensions when I am not in tournament so it’s secured even without the armor, the armor is particularly useful in tournament, but sometimes I don’t use it. It’s like in the movie Iron man, it’s a technological triangle on the chest that I can have when I want, I just have to tap on it to create rapidly the armor in a few seconds like in this video.  It’s a black technological armor in my case, it works to block most of the attacks even attacks of gods. I have also a technology to tell me if someone in each dimension around me, in the street for example wants to attack me, so that I can anticipate and activate the armor if necessary, or take the unattackable mental command, or fix the problem or find who forces this person to attack me. I know that my next mission will be risky and I am not protected by God, so all these technologies are useful, the goal is also to not have everytime the unattackable mental command because it’s better to live without mental command. My next mission will be to create the mount Olympus for the Olympians in the most advanced place of this game in order to establish order in this place because it’s an important place for the game so it will be risky, the people there are often mad, powerful and negative, they don’t know me yet. Millions of people want to come in the most advanced place of this game too to watch me fight for example or to watch me make this mission, so they can come in the city of the mount Olympus, there will be a large city, those who live in this city will not be attacked because I will be city leader and I will respected, some people will attack me but it will be in tournament. God has confirmed that those who live in the city of the mount Olympus will not be attacked. Many people in this game want to know how are the people in the most advanced place of this game, and if the people there are negative and mad, it’s not good for the game, so the mount Olympus will be useful to find those who have the best level in this game, so that it will motivate the people to progress. Many people come in this most advanced place to find answers and solutions or understand this world, but this place is controlled mostly by negative and mad people, the positive leaders who come in this place are often attacked and tortured by powerful and mad negative people because they often like attacking without reason positive people, so my mission will be to make a mission like this one on this planet to share the knowledges of this website, so that those who come in this place will have answers and solutions and God will force negative and mad people to stop attacking without reason the people, mostly positive leaders because they are important for the game, without them the game would become totally negative and everyone would become mad, God has told me that I will succeed in doing that, it will work, God doesn’t lie. If iI don’t make this mission, the most powerful positive leaders of this game will be tortured in this most advanced place so they will stop their mission, and all those who come in this place to have answers, solution and to understand this world will either be attacked or they will have no solution if I don’t make this mission, so they often stop making missions at one point or they become mad by dint of thinking that this game is a negative game controlled by negative people, also the negative people who control this place are currently motivating a lot of negative leaders to control the other places of this game in order to attack all the positive leaders, so my mission will be important to stop that too. God can also force mad people to make missions as I recommend to do it because it’s the key to reduce the level of madness, it’s a trap to not make missions sometimes, so it’s the solution to save a large groups of stratums, a lot of mad people will make missions again to share the knowledges of this website in a lot of places, it’s another goal of my mission. We want to reduce the amount of mad people or dissatisfied people in this game because we want to save this game. We like this game, it is particularly satisfying when you avoid the traps and when you progress to increase your level progressively, at the highest levels it’s highly satisfying. God told me that I will succeed in this next mission but maybe that it’s thanks to the armor and technologies. I will also be like in this picture for this next mission, so that it will be more secured, I can be like that with my actual body with a lot of muscular mass, I have taken the picture before this mission, God gave me the body that I will have for this mission.
  • I am not protected by God, but he can prevent me from being arrested by the police in my dimension, because it’s the only thing that I can’t manage alone during missions about security, so I have asked God to do it, if it’s not the police I can manage that, if some people attack me in my dimension, I don’t hesitate to use my mental attacks, even if they attack in large group it works rapidly, I say that to dissuade the people from attacking me in my dimension, I won’t be attacked in my dimension thanks to that, God has confirmed, it’s why I make this mission, I will be attacked only in tournaments and I will win all my fights. Some people like politicians have a negative plan on this planet and some of them don’t like that a planetary leader stop their plan, and they control the polices, so thanks to God I can’t be arrested. The mission that we make is highly useful to all types of people on this planet, it would have not been normal that we are arrested because of that. To make missions look risky, but it’s totally secured for all those who start to make missions as we recommend to do it, because we have asked God to protect them in all the dimensions. I am not protected by God because I am the first man who reach the level of leader of the Olympian group, but the others can be protected because someone (me) has already reached all the leadership levels before them, it works like that. On most of the planets on which it’s possible to become planetary leader, the politicians have no negative plans, so they accept that someone become planetary leader on their planet, this planet Earth is a particular case, it was one of the most dangerous planets, many people had a negative plan. 
  • Etc 

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