How to be ambitious

It’s recommended to be ambitious, because it’s motivating. When the people are motivated by nothing, they tend to do nothing special forever, they are some people not too special forever, at one point this situation not too special becomes boring, and the people become dissatisfied because they become depressed at one point by dint of being not too motivated, etc. It’s a vicious circle, and it’s risky.

It’s why I recommend to be ambitious about something, be motivated about something, even if you think that it’s almost impossible, that the difficulty is too high, etc. Don’t be limited, have no limit. It’s a matter of mindset, everything is possible in this world, it’s what is great, some activities are not recommended but some activities are particularly satisfying and create a lot of satisfaction, much more than when you do nothing special (when you work, see friends, cinema, ski, beach during holydays, watch movies, etc, it’s always the same activities, so if it’s not boring it’s great, but at one point you can imagine that it becomes boring after many years). These activities are great and often recommended even when you work to reach your dream but it lacks something: a high level of motivation and ambition.

We can find many activities which create a lot of satisfaction and intensity, it’s intense to live these activities. I think about celebrity, it’s satisfying to become a celebrity because you become someone special, you influence the others. The best way to become a celebrity is to make missions as we recommend to do it, you become known rapidly and you save billions of people by doing that, you also get all the advantages of missions and leadership so it’s the key in this world, it’s much easier than you think, and God can help you to succeed. During missions it’s possible to create vlog videos alone if you make your mission alone, or with your woman if you make your missions with a woman, twice work. We do it since a very long time, and it’s particularly satisfying, because celebrity is particularly satisfying as I said.

Many people dream of reaching the highest leadership levels for example, because it’s at the highest levels that you are the most inspiring, motivating, useful, styled because you find an impsoing style, you save billions of people at each mission, you stop wars, you become a great leader, you become a hero, etc. It’s the dream/ambition that the people choose the most, and it’s effectively achievable for everyone, everyone is capable of reaching the highest leadership levels by prorgessing progressively (by starting by easy missions, then the next leadership level, until the highest levels). It’s at the highest leadership levels that you are the most satisfied in your life also. To make mission as we recommend to do it is highly secured because you are protected by God.

It’s also important to not give up your dream, to stay motivated. Because without motivation, life is not great, or less than if you would be highly motivated. So just have a dream, create a plan to reach it, work for it by starting by the level 1, then the level 2, the level 3, etc. And at one point you will reach your dream, your dream will become a reality. We have reached the highest leadership levels and we confirm that it’s particularly satisfying. To make missions is one of the most satisfying game in this world.

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