How to be in negative phases

1/ Negative phases with low destructive effect

This type of negative phases is recommended if you alternate. In these phases you are almost not attracted by disrespectful behaviours, you just do negative activities and have not too much the negative energy. If we imagine a scale, the extreme of the negative energy is 0%, the neutral energy is 50% and the extreme of the positive energy is 100%, you will be at 40% negative in negative phases with low destructive effect. At 40% you will have no good intentions but not many bad intentions, you just do negative activities by having the negative energy at 40% so it’s great. It’s not the negative energy that is imposing, it’s not because you will be for example at 10% negative that you will be more imposing, it’s mostly your style that will be imposing or not, your attacks, if you are in security or not, your level of confidence, etc. All the negative styles can work in negative phases. It’s me in the previous picture, you can see that I often am in positive phases, and I succeed in being in negative phases without any problem. To alternate between positive, neutral and negative phases is the lifestyle that works the most. 

It’s also recommended sometimes to be in negative phases with the adult energy and with the responsible energy, you can take the responsible energy when you want to become responsible, it’s like in the movie Avatar, sometimes the main characters have the negative energy and the adult energy and they are responsible, this type of negative phases is great and satisfying too. 

Negative phases are generally not really designed to be peaceful phases contrary to positive phases, and it’s great sometimes, I mean that it’s often not too serious to be mocking for example, and have negative behaviours, it’s less serious than to be make negative missions and kill massively the people. So it’s strongly recommended to not cross the limits, don’t need to cross the limits to be satisfied in negative phases. To not cross the limits, just avoid the negative traps as explained below. 

Negative phases are fun and satisfying, I say fun for those who think that negative phases are too risky and that it’s a trap to be in negative phases, to motivate them to alternate but effectively the more you have the negative energy at the extreme, the less it’s fun, and the more it’s aggressive. Negative phases are useful to stop being serious and responsible, and start to be negative, crazy, irresponsible, etc. Effectively, many negative people have automatically the craziness energy which make them be not serious. Life is not boring in negative phases thanks to the craziness energy. Life is not boring in positive phases too you will see, positive phases are highly satisfying too. It’s not a trap to be irresponsible in negative phases mostly when you often are responsible in positive phases, in this case it’s useful to simply stop being serious and do things that you would not do by being responsible, so it’s great. To be irresponsible is not too serious too, it’s not too destructive when you are in a positive phase after that, when you re irresponsible it means that you don’t try to improve the general situation in this world, you don’t help the people, you think to yourself, you don’t think too much to the others, etc, all of that is momentary and allows you to alternate. I relativize about irresponsiblity for those who think that it’s a trap to be irresponsible and that it’s too risky, I repeat that negative phases are not too risky for you when you avoid the traps. 

2/ Negative phases with higher destructive effect

In these phases, you will be at 25% negative for example, the negative energy at 25% is satisfying sometimes, in this picture I had the negative energy at 25% for example. You will be more attracted by disrespectful behaviours, you will respect less people, etc but it’s not too serious and risky if you avoid traps. This type of phases is less often recommended compared to negative phases with low destructive effect, it’s sometimes recommended only if you know how to avoid traps. Sometimes you can need to take the negative energy at the extreme (0%), so it’s possible to do it if you are in a positive phase after that. At the extreme of the negative energy, you are more aggressive, it’s a trap to not be at the extreme sometimes but it’s rare. At the extreme of the negative energy it looks like in this picture


3/ Traps of the negative energy

You are attracted by disrespectful behaviours when you really have the negative energy, and the trap is to not control yourself about that, for example the earth can be respected in all types of negative phases, it’s strongly not recommended to disrespect everyone or all those who can’t attack you. 

To keep everytime the negative energy is the most dangerous trap, because

  1. At the beginning you just like being negative, you just like negative behaviours and it’s not too destructive for you and the others
  2. Then, you start to want to attack without reason weak people just beause you start to be particularly attracted by the evil
  3. Then, after many years the people lose the control and start to attack without reason massively some people, many people are on track to do that or have already reached this level of madness which would have not happened if they would have alternated with positive phases. It’s highly satisfying to be in positive phases sometimes with good positive styles, and the knowledges of this website about that, those who didn’t like the positive energy can like it again now that a lot of problems are fixed. 

To put technologies in your body is another trap to avoid, because you take the energy of the technology, it’s highly destructive for the body, etc.

To make negative missions is a trap, positive missions are the key. Even if it’s recommended to be sometimes in negative phases, don’t need to make negative missions during these phases to be satisfied. If you like making missions in space and use space ships, you can become planetary leader as we recommend to do it, or source leader, because you can have access to good space ships easily during these missions as explained in our training, so it’s possible to be satisfied about that. Positive missions are highly satisfying, it’s not possible to find more satisfying about missions. The missions that we recommend to make are positive missions because it’s not a bad intention behind these missions, the intention is to protect the people from the self-destruction (a lot of madness, diseases, etc), to teach how to avoid the traps of this world, to teach how to be more imposing efficiently, more in security, to teach attacks and protections to those who make missions, to teach to weak people how to become powerful and imposing, to give good negative, neutral and positive styles which are necessary to alternate, to give good energies because it’s better to live with these energies, to teach how to alternate to negative people, neutral people and positive people because it’s proven that the key is to alternate in this world, etc. Negative people succeed in making missions as we recommend to do it and they like rapidly doing that as explained in our training, it’s easy to make these missions, you just have to copy this website and ask some things to God, after that you have a lot of free time to enjoy the time you are planetary leader, use space ships to go in space, you are on a good planet with movies, musics, space ships, good vehicles like on this planet, you have everytime a lot of money easily, etc. Those who make missions as we recommend to do it are protected by God if necessary. Some negative people think that they know how to be positive but they don’t like doing that, in this case it’s possible to remember that they didn’t like being in positive phases because:

  • They had negative styles automatically, so you better like positive phases when you have a positive style
  • Or because they had the negative energy which make them prefer the negative energy and make them not like the positive energy, it’s possible to just take a positive style to have the positive energy
  • Or because of the black magic grid which has been removed
  • Or because they didn’t have efficient teachings about that
  • Or because of unwanted energies like the spider energy, the hienna energy, the parasite energy, the bat energy, etc, so it’s possible to remove rapidly these energy
  • Or because of the planet and the source which had diseases, parasites, etc so all of that is fixed now, don’t need to live on a destroyed planet to be satisfied in negative phases now
  • Or because their chakras were deteriorated, this problem is fixed and you better like positive phases now thanks to that
  • You will see that you will better like positive phases now that all these problems are fixed, so you can alternate easily thanks to that. I make missions like this one since a long time and it works everytime with negative people, they like alternating without any problem

To too much destroy yourself with destructive activities is another trap, because you are more attracted by destructive activities when you have the negative energy than when you have the positive energy. At one point some people reach a high level of self-destruction, and become mad, they lose control, they start to want to make negative missions, etc. To avoid self-destruction, the key is to take care of you/respect yourself, stay in good health, alternate between negative, neutral and positive phases because it’s in positive phases that you want to take care of you/respect yourself and the others, etc. To alternate allows you to be in negative phases without self-destruction and to not be too extreme everytime about destructive activities. In this world, it’s recommended to fix the problems before that the situation is critical, even if you are satisfied it’s recommended to anticipate and not wait the first problem to progress. Many mad people were satisfied in the past, and they fell in the traps of this world.

To think that love is a loss of time, that it’s better to make suffer, is another trap. Those who thought that didn’t succeed to like to love, create real link with women, etc because of the same problems as for the positive energy, either:

  • The black magic grid which prevented from liking positive behaviours, the black magic grid has been removed
  • Or because they had everytime the negative energy which has the effect of being attracted by destructive sexuality at one point, disrespectul behaviours
  • Or because they had not the appropriate style to create real link/love link or not corresponding styles
  • Or because their chakras were deteriorated (as explained in the part about the chakras 6 and 7)
  • Or because they had not the good body to do that, it’s more easily possible to succeed to do that with some bodies, even if it’s possible to succeed with all types of bodies
  • Or because of many other problems which are often fixed today. 
  • Or because of energies which are not designed to love, like the dragon or bear energies, when you watch videos of bears, they have less social and love behaviours than lions, tigers or wolfs. It’s why it’s a trap to always have the bear and dragon energies, it’s recommended to remove these energies sometimes and to replace them by other main energies like the lion or wolf energies, it’s the 2 most efficient energies to do that, the wolf is the most efficient and the tiger energy works too but much less. 
To not maintain good relationships with those who you spend time with is another trap, the key is really to have good relationships with those who you like spending time with, and to do that it’s recommended to be in positive phases regularly which make you have positive behaviours, respectful behaviours, so that you take care of the people in positive phases or you don’t deteriorate the relationship with negative behaviours, it’s what is great. It’s satisfying to have positive behaviours, it’s automatic at one point. Negative behaviours are still recommended sometimes but not everytime.
To not be serious and responsible sometimes is another trap that a lot of people with the negative energy fall in. To no fall in this trap, it’s recommended to take sometimes the adult energy, or the positive energy, it’s also possible to take regularly serious styles.

To eat too much acidifying food is a negative trap because this creates physical diseases at one point, to avoid this trap, the key is to alternate regularly with alkalizing food.

To attack weak people without reason is a trap in which many negative people are, this leads to behavioral diseases and madness at one point (often rapidly). To stop attacking without reason the people, read this part. It’s strongly not recommended to attack without reason, don’t need to attack weak people to be satisfied in negative phases.

To attack positive groups is a trap, it’s recommended to not attack positive groups. Positive groups often stay positive before that a planetary leader make a mission and share the knowledges of this website about how to alternate. So they often alternate at one point. Don’t need to attack positive groups to be satisfied in positive phases.

To have the vampire gene is a widespread negative trap which create behavioral diseases, God can heal you about that. So that you will start to like the sun which is important in positive phases and to maintain a good health. Don’t need to be a vampire to be satisfied in negative phases, the most powerful people of this game are not vampires. Same thing for the werewolf gene and the other genes like the zombie gene, God can heal you about that.

To be kamikaze is a trap, some negative people become powerful at one point, they stay negative a very long time, they destroy themselves by dint of being negative without alternating, they increase their level of madness, so at one point a lot of them become kamikaze. It’s possible to fix this problem rapidly. Those who are kamikaze just have to reduce their level of madness by avoiding the traps of this world, and they have to alternate between negative, neutral and positive phases in order to reduce their level of madness. I make missions like this one since a long time in places with negative people, and kamikazes succeed in doing that, they like doing that. God can force them to do it.

When you are in negative phase, you tend to be selfish, it means that you tend to not care about the others, even if they are not well, so it’s useful to be seflish in a negative phase in order to think to yourself and stop thinking to the others. But if you keep too much time the negative energy, selfishness becomes psychopathy, which means that you don’t care about the suffering that you create on the others when you attack them without reason. To avoid psychopathy, just alternate between negative, neutral and positive phases and simply stop being selfish in positive phases. To stop being selfish in positive phases, simply don’t be a source of problems for the others, respect the people, respect the world, maintain good relationships with the people who you spend time with, help the others if you can, etc, The best way to help the others is by far to make missions as we recommend to do it because you are useful massively in order to live in a better world (with less dissatisfied people, less weak people who learn how to be powerful, less mad people, less people with diseases or behavioral diseases, less people who are in the traps of this world, etc). When you improve the general situation in this world by making missions, the key is to stop thinking to the others/to stop helping the others during negative phases, in which you think to yourself/you are selfish/you don’t help the others, negative phases are useful for that, you stop having good intentions. Don’t need to have everytime bad intentions during negative phases, it’s also possible to just do negative activities. I talk about bad intentions but some bad intentions are not recommended, it’s recommended to keep the control about that because many people lose the control about that after many years with the negative energy and start to make negative missions, kill massively the people, etc, which can be avoided easily by alternating with positive phases.
To do negative sexuality with a woman who doesn’t want to do it with you is a trap which leads to behavioral diseases and madness at one point, and when you do negative sexuality with a woman she must like at the end and without using drugs.

If you need to fight, it’s possible to fight in tournaments, I do that and it works, many powerful people do that too at one point of the progression. You can learn powerful attacks and protections when you make missions as we recommend to do it, God can teach you some of the attacks that you want at a high leadership level and at one point you are highly resistant to attacks and impacts, tournaments are useful to impress women for example or improve your reputation. You can fight against some people who have your level in terms of power or against who you want. Many people like to fight at one point and like to participate in tournaments, but some people don’t participate in tournaments. It’s not a trap to defy someone in a tournament, but to attack weak people without reason is a trap on the contrary, self-control is the key, weak people buy this special consultation to be motivated again, they progress before to start to make missions, and they succeed to make missions at one point, they become great leaders at one point and learn powerful attacks and protections. There are no tournaments on this planet but in advanced places where you can find powerful people who make missions or have made missions in the past, it’s possible to find tournaments. Where we go with our group after this mission on this planet, there will be tournaments for example. I don’t use my most powerful mental attacks during tournaments, I use mostly swords, spears, energetic attacks, punches, mental invocations, etc. I use my most powerful mental attacks only if I’m attacked not in tournament, so I’m not attacked thanks to that when it’s not in tournament. Some types of tournaments look like the 4 first minutes of this video, many people have this power. This happens in other dimensions so the pains are much less intense than in your main dimension, and the people are more resistant to blows so it’s why many people like to fight in tournaments. Some tournaments are 1 VS 1, it’s not armies. You can see that everyone has found his own style, there is diversity, it’s what is great, it’s a trap to not find your style. You can play this type of games or this game to have more ideas to find your style, you can ask God to teach you the attacks that you want at a high leadership level, to do that you must draw your attack to say precisely what you want and God often accept to teach you the attack, it depends on the attack, the more you reach high leadership levels the more the attacks can be powerful, also the more you have mental strength, the more the attacks can be powerful. So if you want to invock swords for example, you must draw the sword that you want precisely and forge it, then you can ask God to teach you how to invock this sword.  You can ask God to learn attacks like these ones for example, there are a lot of attacks to learn so just find your style, find new ideas. If you find an attack alone, this attack will be more styled than if you have copied someone about this attack. I fight like thatthat or that sometimes for example, it’s my style, it’s really satisfying to fight, it’s not boring, it’s possible to like fighting rapidly when you start to master your attacks and be well trained, your attacks are automatic at one point, you don’t need to think too much about which attack you must use, you know what to do in each situation, it’s also possible to slow down time so that you attack more rapidly, you can also boost your concentration thanks to the eagle energy for example, some energies like the dragon energy are useful to fight more rapidly. It’s necessary to reach high leadership levels to get the attacks that you want but you can do it rapidly, some people that we have trained have reached high leadership levels in 1000 years, but some people also take their time and need 10000 years for example to reach high leadership levels. The more you progress in these games, the more the attacks become powerful and impressive, so you get more ideas thanks to that. These tournaments are a part of the plan of God, God has confirmed, I do it sometimes and it works great, those who participate in tournaments are more satisfied in their life. Everyone need to fight sometimes and these tournaments is one of the only solution to avoid traps about that like to make negative missions, or to attack without reason weak people, or other traps. If you don’t participate in tournaments, it’s possible to fight in dreams during parties as explained in the part 10/. But if you don’t fight, it’s possible to ask God fight simulations which look like real attacks, you have the feeling that real people attack you so it’s the occasion to fight and train your attacks or even punches, you can ask tournament simulations also to train about your attacks and protections against people who participate in these tournaments. If you don’t fight, it’s still recommended to be powerful in this world because you can be attacked, mostly if you are not imposing or powerful, as much to be in security about that, so that you know that if you are attacked or if a war happens, you know how to win or survive, or you are enough imposing and powerful to not be attacked. Everyone need to fight, the people become conscious of that when they start to become powerful. Humans are not designed to be peaceful everytime, to fight is really a need and to respect ourselves about that, it’s sometimes necessary to fight. This happens rarely but it happens, more than you think if you think that you don’t need to fight. It’s still important to often live peaceful phases, but not everytime, otherwise this lose intensity. It’s possible to like fighting rapidly mostly when you become resistant to impacts with a lot of mental strength, a god body, when you master good attacks, when you win some fights, etc, God also prevent everyone from dying in these tournaments because humans who are not mad don’t need to kill, but they need to fight. Even if you don’t need to kill, it’s sometimes necessary to kill if someone wants to kill you for example, it’s self-defense, and the more you are powerful the more you have chances to win the fight. But you will see that when there is no reason to kill, you won’t need to kill, you just need to fight without killing. If someone really disrespect you, it’s not a trap to fight him generally. If you lose a fight, it’s really not serious because God heal the hurts, heal the wounds in your body because of the fight, he also give empathy to those who have seen you fight in order to reduce the serious effect of the defeat, it means that those who see you lose a fight won’t care about that, they will find you attractive even if you lose because a man who fights in tournament is more attractive than if he would not fight in tournament, so don’t need to win all your fights. You can see in this video that Poseidon lose the fight but he stays attractive at the end because he is styled, so just find a styled style, God has given empathy to the people who have watched this video in order to reduce the serious effect of the defeat, it’s what would have happeneded in real life if it would have not been a game video. It’s not me who has created the video, Poseidon is one my God names but I am much more powerful than men like kratos, I would win easily against him, I will win all my fights, the message is that a defeat is not too serious in tournament when it’s managed by God. It’s still possible to choose who you fight against so that you know that you have a lot of chances to win. So you can participate in tournaments without any problem, it’s just great to fight sometimes, it’s possible to like that rapidly, so just create you styled styles to fight in tournament and just do it, you will see that it’s satisfying. Those who participate like doing that because it’s satisfying to fight at one point, it’s not a trap to reach this level (to like fighting), God has confirmed. When I need to fight I like playing this type of games, so that I don’t need to fight anymore thanks to this type of games. But sometimes I really need to fight, so I need to fight in a tournament in this case. I don’t need to kill in real life but sometimes it’s necessary to kill, when some people kill innocent people without reason for example, in this case it’s possible to kill them to protect the people, like in the video, the player kill bad guys who have a negative plan. In real life it’s also possible to force them to stop killing innocent people, it’s what I do with my missions, many mad people are forced to reduce their level of madness in order to stop killing innocent people without reason. It’s possible to be a bad guy in negative phase without having serious negative plans (without crossing the limit), in this case you just do negative activities, you have disrespectful behaviours and most of the time it’s not too serious compared to a serious negative plan (make a negative mission, etc), it’s possible to relativize for those who think that it’s not great to be in negative phase and that it’s too risky. When you alternate with positive phases and when you avoid the traps of the negative energy when you are in a negative phase, it’s not risky to be in negative phases. Some negative games are less about killing bad guys and more about doing what you want without being limited, this type of games is useful sometimes in negative phases, mostly if you don’t do what you want like in the games in real life. It’s just games, it’s not real life. I talk about that because these games are satisfying sometimes in negative phases and God prevents the people from crossing the limits about that (reproducing what you do in the games in real life), otherwise I would have not recommended these games. It’s hard to accept but it’s a trap to not play negative games sometimes, it creates behavioral diseases to not play negative games, God has confirmed. Anyway negative games are satisfying, mostly now that it’s a high quality with the new consoles.



It’s possible to like being in negative phases but it’s strongly recommended to avoid these traps, it’s easy to avoid them. I recommend to alternate between negative, neutral and positive phases because to be only positive is a trap too, this often create diseases, so it’s the proof that the key is to alternate, it must be said, it’s why I say it.

There are a lot of traps to avoid about the negative energy, but you take rapidly the habit to avoid them, and it’s when we can say that you start to master the negative energy/you are in no trap about that. When you avoid all these traps, it remains most of the negative activities 

  • To watch a negative movie
  • To listen to negative musics
  • Negative parties
  • Negative bars
  • Negative games
  • Acidifying food/negative food
  • To live in a negative zone during your negative phase
  • Negative dreams
  • To take negative styles in negative phase
  • Negative sexuality
  • To use a negative car/negative space ship/negative vehicles when you are in a negative phase (some space ships will be sold rapidly on this planet in the next few years, with a training to drive them, it’s easy to drive these space ships, it’s achievable for everyone, there will be negative ships for when you are in negative phases, neutral ships and positive ships when you are in positive phases, the ships will look a bit like in this video at 8min24, God prevent the people from having accident with ships so it’s secured at 100%, we make missions like this one since a very long time, and the people succeed without any problem to buy ships, drive them and travel on this planet or on other planet next to this planet, so it’s possible to find a solution to have a lot of money to buy a ship in the next few years, it’s better when there are a lot of ships traveling on a planet)
  • It’s not a trap to drink alcohol and smoke cannabis when it’s not excessive (even in positive phases it’s not a trap contrary to what some people think), cannabis is legal in this new system
  • To fight in a tournament as explained previously when the tournament is managed by God, it’s also possible to fight in tournaments with either the neutral or positive energies, it depends on your styles
  • Some negative behaviours are recommended like to be mocking sometimes as explained in the part 2/ of this part.
  • So you can see that it remains the most liked negative activities, it’s not a trap to do all of that in negative phases. Some people think that all of that is too risky or that it’s too destructive, but if you like alternating with positive phases and avoid the negative traps, all of these activites are not risky and often not too serious. Don’t need to be more destructive during negative phases to be satisfied, I mean that it’s not necessary to make negative missions, attack excessively the people, attack positive groups, or kill children to be satisfied in negative phases. So just avoid 1 negative trap, then another one, and progressively you will have good habits about that. Those who were only negative until now must be more often in positive phases, they must learn how to like positive phases, you must prefer positive phases more than negative phases by security, even if it’s regularly necessary to be in negative phases too, anyway, positive phases are highly sattisfying, mostly in the new cities that will be created with positive zones.

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