How to be in positive phases

Before to start to alternate with positive phases, it’s strongly recommended to do what is recommended in this part, this part, and to take a positive style. It’s also recommended to remove unwanted energies like the spider energy, parasite energy, hienna energy, wild dog energy, bat energy, and the other unwanted energies in the list of this part. It’s also strongly recommended to buy this special consultation if you lack self-confidence, because this special consultation will make you feel great, and you will better succeed in positive phase thanks to that, this also increase your self-confidence so it’s important. 

1/ Positive phases with low constructive effect

In all types of positive phases, it’s necessary to have the positive energy, to do that it’s possible to take the positive energy or a positive style. This energy makes 90% of the work, you will have more constructive behaviours automatically socially. It’s possible to do negative activities or alternate between positive and negative activities, in this case it’s a positive phase with a low constructive effect because  you will have positive behaviours socially. The goal is to do what you want to do and to not put too much pressure on yourself, to not limit yourself. Many negative women do that, they have the neutral or positive energy, which means that they have mostly neutral or good intentions socially, but they do negative activities.

It’s still recommended to be sometimes in a positive phase with high constructive effect, the next part is about that. And this is possible by doing positive activities.  

2/ HOW TO BE EASILY SATISFIED IN POSITIVE PHASES/positive phases with high constructive effect

  • Positive bars are satisfying, some bars will be created in positive zones in the new cities that will be created. It’s the same thing than negative bars, but with less disrespectful behaviours, if it’s not a disrespectful behaviour against those who are in your group in the bar, it’s often disrespectful behaviours against those who are not in your group, to talk behind someone’s back, etc. This often doesn’t happen in positive bars. To be positive is not about being serious everytime. 
  • Positive games like assassin’s creed odyssey are satisfying too, to be positive is not about being kind, it’s more about protecting some people from the destruction, like in this game, the main character often fight against a government and soldiers who have a destructive effect on the people. It’s a good intention. Even if there are negative parts in the game. To be positive is not about being serious everytime, to meditate everytime, it’s possible to entertain with the positive energy. You can also play neutral games like football games, car games, space ship games, etc when you have the positive energy, but generally you won’t like negative games.
  • Positive movies are satisfying too, action movies for example, some movies promote more constructive behaviours than destructive behaviours even if there are negative parts, or war parts. Many people who like to be in a positive phase like to fight at one point of the progression and are often extremely powerful at one point. Lord of the ring, Avatar, etc are positive movies for example
  • Constructive sexuality/respectful sexuality is extremely satisfying too
  • Sports like weight training, running, etc are constructive too, sport is often good for the body if you avoid traps and it’s satisfying  
  • To alternate with positive styles is satisfying too
  • Positive parties are satisfying too, it’s less based on disrespectful behaviours but it’s great, even if you are powerful. Contrary to what think some people, it’s possible to drink alcohol or smoke cannabis during parties. These products are legal in this new system because these are soft products. It becomes a too destructive activity when you do that everyday, but sometimes it’s more constructive than destructive, when it’s not excessive.
  • To alternate between alkalizing food and lowly acidifying food is satisfying too, thanks to that your body will become more alkaline, this type of food is positive food, it has a high energetic frequency, if you have a woman who cook you don’t have to cook.
  • To progress on one expertise domain is satisfying too, because you see your progression regularly and it’s often constructive it depends on the domain
  • Positive musics are satisfying too. Don’t forget to create the track in 432hz if you produce positive tracks, it’s an important frequency. It’s also possible to tune instruments in 432hz. If you didn’t like positive musics, it’s probably because of the negative energy which make you prefer negative musics with a low energetic frequency, positive musics have a high energetic frequency. The bat and spider energies are another reason why you don’t like all what has a high energetic frequency so it’s recommended to remove them. You can find positive playlists there or there, sometimes it’s not writen “positive” in the titles of the playlists, but there are positive musics into it. For example these playlist are positive:
    • Positive epic orchestral like this track 
    • It’s also possible to produce positive epic trance, I had the extreme of the positive energy when I produced this track or this track. It’s also possible to produce tracks like this one in positive phases, or this onethis one, etc. Almost all the styles can work with the positive energy, it’s effectively possible to produce positive progressive trance like the previous tracks, or positive drum & bass, positive techno, etc. Or it’s possible to produce tracks like this one when you have the positive energy, it sounds like a negative track because I have taken a lot of strength when I produced this track, strength is a black energy, your body becomes blacker when you have a lot of strength but your tracks sound blacker, the energy of your tracks is blacker, so it sounds more negative sometimes, but it’s still positive. I had also the craziness energy when I produced this track, many negative people have the craziness energy it’s why it sounds even more like a negative track. Positive styles with the craziness energy are important, it’s recommended to often be serious and responsible in positive phases but it’s also recommended to know how to be crazy too. I had one of these styles when I produced this track.
    • Positive reggae
    • Positive soulful house (it’s not everytime positive but this playlist works in positive phase, I have asked God to change the energy of the track to get positive tracks when you are in a positive phase)
    • Positive jazz (you can see that there is a good ambiance, it’s highly satisfying to be in positive phase, the people like that rapidly)
    • Positive jazz soul
    • Positive country rock
    • Positive country rock 2
    • Positive house disco 
    • Positive hip hop
    • Positive hip hop 2
    • Positive psychill
    • Positive folk
    • Positive world music
    • Positive brasilian music
    • Positive cuban music
    • Positive trip hop (this one is neutral positive, it works in positive phases)
    • Positive soul
    • Etc, more positive musics will be created rapidly, many people learn how to be in positive phases, take positive styles, etc
  • To spend time with some people who are in a positive phase too is satisfying too
  • To spend time in a positive zone
  • To fight with the intention to protect is satisfying if you like to fight
  • To make a positive mission, a mission which has a constructive effect at the end, for example my missions are more constructive than destructive, I motivate to alternate with negative phases too but I have well warned about the risks of the negative energy so it’s limited
  • To pull someone up, leadership, etc

If you don’t succeed to like to be positive to alternate, wait new advices about that on this website. If you just prefer the negative energy it’s possible to remember why it’s necessary to alternate with the positive energy, the key is to alternate and the more you master the positive energy, the more you like it, even if many people like directly.

Some people think that it’s more fun to be negative/that we laugh more with the negative energy than with the positive energy, effectively it’s true that we laugh with the negative energy but we laugh too with the positive energy. It’s possible to laugh as much as with the negative energy. I motivate to try the positive energy to alternate because it doesn’t take too much of my time, and to alternate is the lifestyle that works the most.

In positive phases, it’s recommended to take the time to receive rays of sunshine, because you will receive light codes from the sun, you will better succeed and like your positive phase thanks to that. The rays of sunshine brings also a lot of energy to the body and allow you to be maintain a good health. 

It's also recommended in positive phases with high constructive effect to meditate, some meditations are highly efficient to teach you how to be more positive. To meditate is useful to come back in real life after a negative phase for example.

The key is still to alternate with negative phases and to meditate doesn’t prevent you from being later in negative phase normally, I often do it and I succeed to be in negative phases. At the moment when you take the negative energy or a negative style, you will stop having positive behaviours. Many people didn’t like to meditate because their chakras were deteriorated, or because of the black magic grids, or because they had not the appropriate style, or because they didn’t know how to do, or for other problems that are often fixed today. It’s now possible to like directly to meditate. When you want to be again in a negative phase after that and stop being serious and responsible, you can take again a negative style as I said and the craziness energy which makes you become not serious, to meditate in positive phases doesn’t affect your negative phases too much, you can be in negative phases without any problem after that. I do that, I often meditate and I succeed to be in negative phases without any problem. Many jedis have the habit to meditate during their trainings for example, because they know that they increase concentration, they will be more focused during their fights, less perturbed by thoughts thanks to the habit to meditate, so it makes them more powerful.

Some styles can work the time to meditate:

  • Dragon + lion + positive energy
  • Dragon + tiger + positive energy
  • Dragon + lion + the bamboo energy + positive energy
  • Dragon + deer + the black stone energy + bamboo + positive energy
  • Dragon + deer + samurai sword + the japanese portal energy + positive energy
  • Dragon + lion + panda + japanese tree energy + positive energy
  • Etc


1/ Meditation 1

There are ascension energies on this planet currently so it’s possible to meditate with these energies. These energies can teach you how to be more positive during positive phases. It’s possible to feel the ascension energies in all your body, in each body part, start by the feet, then the legs, then the other parts slowly. The meditation can last 5min or 30min for example, it depends on if you have the time or not. The goal is also to relax and stop the action for a while. This meditation can be done lying in a bed also or sitting cross-legged or in any disposition of your choice, sitting cross-leeged is often more recommended because it increases concentration and inner peace, you will want less to sleep in this disposition, all the meditations in this part can be done in all these dispositions. To meditate is satisfying, it’s useful to stop the action. To be too much in the action is a trap. 



In a negative phase you can feel the energy of the negative energy which is an orange red energy, this is not to be confused with the negative energy which is a black energy. In a positive phase, it’s possible to feel the energy of the positive energy called light. It is a grey white energy and it’s possible to do the previous meditation by feeling this energy in the body instead of the ascension energies.


3/ Meditation 3

For this meditation, the goal will be to focus on what you feel in your body, for example you can focus on your breathing and relax. Or you can focus on the other parts of your body and try to feel something, with the energy of the styles in the previous list, you will probably feel the energy in your body. During a meditation, you can alternate between this meditation and the other meditations. The more you meditate a long time, the more you have chances to enter a phase of deep relaxation, or a phase of intense meditation which is great.


4/ Meditation 4

For this meditation, you must focus on the respiration but on the belly, not on the nose. Try to breathe slowly, relax and bzeathe with the lower belly. The more you do it a long time, the more you will enter a phase of deep relaxation which is extremely good for you.



The goal of this meditation is to let the organic light enter your body slowly, it’s better if you do it by receiving rays of sunshine because there are light codes in these rays, if there is sun today I recommend to do it either outside, or inside with the windows opened, because a window closed stops a part of the rays of sunshine, it’s better when the rays are not modified. But it works too in a home without rays of sunshine, organic light is everywhere. Organic light is different than the light energy of the meditation 2. The organic light is sacred and it can make you better like positive phases, it can make you understand the sacred aspect of life which exist, some things are sacred in this world.



The goal of this meditation is to focus on what you think, your thoughts. Just start the meditation, relax and wait for the first thought, then let the thought leave and continue to relax. This meditation is powerful and highly relaxing at one point after many minutes of meditation. The goal is not to try to have no thought, the goal is to become conscious of your thoughts, let them leave and stay focused. At one point you will see that you have no thought anymore and it’s when you can enter a phase of intense relaxation. This meditation is satisfying.  



The goal of this meditation is to focus on the kundalini, which is an energy located at the base of the spine, at the level of the first root chakra. Just try to make circulate this energy in the second chakra, relax and take the time to feel the effects which are satisfying. Then make it circulate in the 3rd chakra, wait for the time that you want to take the time to observe the effects. Then the 4th chakra, etc until the 7th chakra at the top of your head. After that, you can try to feel the kundalini in all your body, and relax, enjoy this meditation because it’s highly satisfying. If you don’t succeed to make circulate the kundalini in your chakras or body, God can help you about that. This meditation can help you in sacred sexuality with a woman, it’s effectively possible to do this meditation with a woman during sexuality, it’s effectively called sacred sexuality. This meditation can awake the kundalini, it’s called kundalini awakening. This meditation is highly recommended, it increases your level of consciousness, you will better understand wisdom teachings thanks to that, you will better succeed and like positive phases, 



The goal of this meditation is to focus on mantras like in the next video. Each mantra has a unique energy and unique effect on you, mantras are sacred sounds, The more you focus on these mantras a long time, the more you can enter a phase of deep relaxation because you have no thought at one point during this meditation, and when you don’t think, you are focused and relaxed, and in the here and now/you are highly present, you are not perturbed by thoughts about the past, or the future, you are in the present, so it’s great. It’s recommended to do this meditation a long time.


The goal of this meditation is to focus on one energy that you like, for example it can be the celebration energy when you want to celebrate something. So when you want to celebrate something, it’s possible to do this meditation. The celebration energy is a high frequency energy and to meditate with this energy is highly satisfying too and good for you. For this meditation, just think about reasons to celebrate something, then you will start to feel the celebration energy in your body. So you just have to focus on this energy and make it goes in all your body. Positive groups often celebrate life, when something important happens, they often celebrate that in a positive way, with respectful relationships, they celebrate the positive glory, etc, it’s important to do that sometimes, mostly in positive phases.


10/ Meditation 10

For this meditation you must go in nature, wherever you want, in you garden or in a park in a city, or in mountain, etc. You must see nature. Then you just have to observe what you see/contemplate during 10min for example or 1h, be relaxed, let your thoughts leave when you think about something, so that you stay in the present in the here and now. This meditation is satisfying, nature is perfectly created, animals too. The sound of nature is also good for you, mostly when you don’t hear city sounds like cars, etc. So it’s possible to go in mountain sometimes or out of the cities, or it works great with sunrises or sunsets too the morning or the night. If you spend time in nature regularly you will feel grounded, feel the energy of nature, feel connected to it. The energy of nature is powerful, you just have to listen to the power of the thunder to feel the power of nature.

11/ Meditation 11

For this meditation you must let enter light codes in your body, God can help you to do that. You can feel the light codes in the rays of sunshine for example, these light codes make you better like positive phases, you feel better after this meditation. This meditation is highly satisfying.

4/ inner peace

It’s also often recommended to take the time to relax and increase inner peace, to be in peace with yourself, in peace with the world, the people, etc, to do that you can watch these types of videos for example below. Inner peace is extremely important in this world, it’s a trap to have rage against this world everytime, rage against the people everytime, so positive phases are useful to be in peace. Negative phases on the contrary are less designed to be in peace and it’s great, humans are not designed to be peaceful everytime, but they are designed to be in peace sometimes, mostly during positive phases. The most powerful warriors of this game know the art of being in peace sometimes, they have this wisdom, this is the key. It’s great to be in peace, peace is sacred, it is important.

You can also:

  • Eat alkalizing food to increase inner peace (if you can buy organic food or eat food that you plant in your garden it’s strongly recommended because it increases inner-peace, you also better respect yourself because it’s much better for the body, you have more energy because there is a lot of energy in organic food, even if you do weight training it’s better with organic food because there is no chemical products or often no diseases in the food so the quality and strength of the muscle that you create will be increased, etc)
  • Drink tea during these phases in which you increase inner peace because tea increases inner peace
  • Use organic incenses because it increases inner peace too (choose well the insence, it must be real wood and real ingredients in these insences, because they often create chemical insences now even in organic stores, but you can find real insences on the web or in organic shops sometimes), etc.
  • Use an essential oil diffuser, because essential oils increase inner-peace too and it’s good for the physical health, mental health, etc. Each essential oil has an unique effect on you
  • To play sport is good for you in this type of phase in which you increase inner-peace, it’s possible to run 1 time / week or more for example, or all the sports, all what is good for you is great in these phases. It’s also possible to do weight-training in these phases.
  • It’s also recommended if possible to do sauna sessions sometimes in this type of phase, or go in a hot tub regularly if possible, this increases inner peace. Or it’s also possible to go in the sea but the hot tub is more efficient in this type of phases. All of that increase health so it’s great in positive phase, this type of positive phase in which you increase inner peace is useful to increase self-respect, you better respect yourself when you do that regularly. 
  • If your woman can massage you, it’s recommended too, it’s good for the body and it increases inner-peace
  • Small water fountains are efficient to increase inner-peace too, the sound of water increase inner-peace. You can buy a small water fountain on the web for example. If the water fountain makes too much noise, you can place something below the waterfall to reduce the intensity of the sound, so that the sound is not too loud and it’s not annoying.
  • To spend a lot of time in nature is strongly recommended in these phases, because you will be more grounded, it increases inner-peace, well-being, etc so it’s great. You can for example plant fruits and vegetables in your garden, chill next to a lake, camp in nature in a tent with your woman or alone, walk in mountain or in nature, etc
  • To meditate regularly is necessary in these phases because it’s one of the most efficient techniques to increase inner-peace. You can meditate 30min/day for example in these phases, or it’s also possible to meditate 4h/day, it depends on if you have the time or not. If you have a lot of time, it’s recommended to meditate more than 30min/day. It’s highly satisfying to meditate, the people who start to meditate like meditating rapidly most of the time.
  • It’s also recommended to increase your level of consciousness when you are in positive phases with high constructive effect, to do that you can increase wisdom. As I said in this part about how to reach your best potential, wisdom is a domain to not forget. It’s not the most satisfying thing to do in this world, some people will prefer to fight, or some people will prefer to watch a movie for example, it’s normal to prefer that, but to increase wisdom is still satisfying and useful to reach your best potential. It’s a trap to not increase wisdom which leads to behavioral diseases. It’s recommended to try to understand the wisdom teachings of the books recommended in this part, don’t need to understand everything in these books, if you understand more than 50% at the beginning it’s great. To better understand these books you must take one of the meditation styles of the part 3/, it’s satisfying to read these books when you are relaxed, positive, when you have nothing important to do today, and when you have the time, it’s also possible to meditate before to read these books in order to be on the good wavelength, you can do the meditation 1, 2 and 5 to be more interested in these wisdom teachings. Many people who write these books have effectively reached some levels of illumination/they have a high level of consciousness. The knowledges that they share increase your level of consciousness, their teachings are important in this world. The more you have the habit to be in positive phases and when you start to have a good level in meditation, automatically your level of consciousness will be increased so you will better understand these books, but effectively mostly for negative people at the beginning it’s possible to not understand everything. Just stop being crazy, negative and irresponsible during this type of positive phases and try to be serious, adult, mature and responsible before to be again in negative phases.
  • These phases in which you increase inner-peace efficiently are not to be confunded with positive phases explained in the part 2/.

Many samuraïs have this lifestyle, they drink tea, meditate, train their fight skills, take the time to observe the world/contemplate because nature and animals are perfectfly created it’s satisfying to contemplate this world, they increase wisdom, etc. This lifestyle is highly satisfying, you can do it without training your fight skills. Take one of the meditation styles in the part 3/ when you are in one of these phases. You can see in this video from the movie “the last samuraï” that samuraïs have self-respect, they respect themselves, they maintain a good health, drink tea, use insences, have respectful relationships, they meditate sometimes, increase wisdom, increase inner peace, and you can see that they are respected, this type of serious phases is important sometimes. The leader of this samuraï village read a book at one point of this video, and you can see that he is interested in this book, he wants to increase wisdom and he likes doing that, he tries to learn new things, etc so you can do it too. 

Positive phases can last 2 weeks, or 2 months for example, or 1 year if you want to be in an efficient positive phase, it depends on you, what you want to do, etc. Many negative people who are negative since a long time like millions of years often need to be in a long positive phase after that because the key is to alternate, it’s normal to need that. But if you are in a long positive phase with high constructive effect in which you meditate everyday, apply the teachings to increase inner peace everyday, listen to positive musics, etc, in this case you will increase rapidly your level of consciousness so it’s great, it’s effectively recommended to like this type of positive phases, God can help you to like doing that. After that you just have to take a negative style to be in a negative phase normally. 

I make missions like this one since a long time on places with negative people, and all types of negative people succeed in alternating with positive phases, even men like this man in this video, you can see in his other videos like this video, this videothis video or this video that he succeeds in being positive, helping the people, having good intentions, motivating the people to progress, etc, all of that is positive, don’t need to have the same type of body as me, all types of bodies can work in positive phases as you can see in the videos. Even those who are extremely negative, or powerful or who were kamikaze, etc, they really succeed in alternating with positive phases. Don’t need to give advices like in the videos at the beginning, you start to give advices during missions at one point, or when you want.

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