How to create real links

This picture is from the movie Avatar

1/ There are many types of link

  • Love link (when you fall in love with someone even without being in couple with)
  • Genetic equal link (a genetic equal link is another type of link between 2 genetic equals)
  • Real link (when you think that someone is important for you, when you really like someone)
  • Dead real link (when someone was important for you in the past but it’s a forgotten story, those who make missions (planetary leadership for example) create often real links but it becomes dead real links when they leave the planet for example after many years, it’s why it’s important to maintain the real links with your women or group to have always a lot of real links)
  • Unhealthy real link (when you think that someone is important for you but it’s an unhealthy relation, it’s based on destructive behaviours mostly, like the excess of destructive sexuallity, excessive lies, curses like “you like me”, a common negative plan)
  • Company link (when you think that someone is important for you but it’s because it keeps you company, to not be alone, to avoid this link it’s possible to have a lot of friends, women, etc, a lot of techniques have been given in this method to do that)
  • Sexual attraction link (when you think that someone is attractive for you)
  • False link (when you think that you like someone but he/she is not important for you) 
  • Bad link (when you don’t like someone)

Real link is one of the most important types of link to have. I have talked to a lot of powerful negative leaders with large groups who was the most powerful of their group and they have all reached a high level of self-destruction (madness, to be extremely anti-social, etc) and destruction (negative plans with a massive destructive effect, to make suffer massively some people, etc) because of lack of real link. It’s possible to be clearly negative without self-destruction. Those who have reached a high level of self-destruction succeed to create real links now that a lot of problems are fixed.

2/ Techniques to create real link

If you don’t feel capable of doing one thing in this list, it’s possible to create a plan to be capable later.

1/ Make a mission 

If you become planetary leader on a hard planet for example, the goal is to liberate the people on the planet and in this case the people will think that you are important for them if you liberate them. To save someone creates a lot of real link.

2/ Become a celebrity

When someone who listens to your musics for example identifies with you, wants to become like you, etc, in this case it can create real link because you can be important for this person. This type of real link is useful and satisfying but to create real link with women in relationship is important too, it’s possible to do twice.

3/ Create a lot of sexual link

You can do that by being attractive for the woman, in this case she can think that you are important for her. Because sexuality is a source of pleasure, it’s important.

4/ Be useful to some people

If you are useful to some people they can think that you are important for them. To contribute to people’s well being is useful to create real link, and it’s possible to do it without expecting a return because you like to contribute or by expecting a return, or twice.

5/ Make someone happy

If you make someone happy, this person can think that you are important for him/her, when the woman smiles it means that she is happy, some energies make women happy easily, for example the bear + tuna energies + masculine energy at the same time, combined with the warrior energy it works great but it works without. This style works with the negative energy. This style is attractive for women but it’s important to alternate with other serious styles in order to create a serious real link, the style 4/ is an example. 

6/ Have a common wavelength with someone else

If you do the same activity as someone else, you are on the same wavelength with him, and it allows you to have more conversation topics that interest you or to better like the person. If you have a lot of wavelengths/a lot of expertise domains or activities in your life, it’s easier to create real links even if it’s possible to create real link without having common activities, it depends. If you have the same energy than someone else, you will be more on the same wavelength.

7/ To like a lot of moments spent with someone create real link

The more you spend moments that you like with someone, the more it creates real link, the more you like this person. So if you spend a lot of moments that you like with your woman, you create real link with her. If it’s based only on destructive behaviours it creates an unhealthy real link or false link, so it’s why it’s useful to alternate with constructive behaviours.

8/ To protect someone sometimes create real link

Because if the person was not in security about that, you can become important for this person. So to be powerful allows you to better succeed in creation of real link, to be powerful is really important, you can’t avoid problems all your life, so it’s better to anticipate and to be powerful 

9/ To be connected to someone helps to create real link
10/ To create a fusional relationship with a woman creates real link
  • The goal is to create a fusional relationship between you and your woman like in the picture of this part, this often happens by discussing so the hierogamic energy is more adapted. The masculine energy is more adapted to create sexual attraction link on the contrary and you tend to discuss less with it. The more the relationship is fusional, the more it’s satisfying and the more there is real link. (30sec the time to take the hierogamic energy)
  • It’s possible to take the appropriate energies to do that (hierogamic energy, adult energy, cold energy, neutral energy, wolf energy, etc). These energies have a real effect on you. It’s possible to take the appropriate style rapidly just the time to learn how to create real link. This style is a serious style. (2min)  Other styles can work to create a fusional relationship but this style particularly works, it’s possible to alternate between styles. 
  • If it doesn’t work with someone, there are chances that it will work with someone else or the next times, a lot of informations have been explained in this method, it works great when you are on the same wavelength, to have some things in common, the same energies (if you have the lion energy, the woman must have the lioness energy), so to do it with your genetic equal is the key. If you choose to try with someone who you had problems with in the past, it’s clearly possible to create real link with and it’s possible to make another start.
  • To create real link more easily, it’s possible to create a relationship of mutual trust, when there is no curse in the relationship, excessive lies, which is possible rapidly if you make a new start
  • The hierogamic energy is also useful to want equilibrium in the relationship between you and your woman, contrary to the masculine energy which allows to try to take the upper hand with the woman, to be macho, etc, it’s the effect of the masculine energy and this can be done with a good intention with the positive energy for example. (30sec the time to take the hierogamic energy)
  • Constructive sexuality/respectful sexuality is efficient to create real link (2h)
  • Then you just have to try to create a fusional relationship, with the previous energies it’s easier and clearly achievable, it’s possible to try to apply the techniques of this part, it’s possible to do a lot of activities with your woman so that it creates a lot of conversation topics automatically, etc. The energies of the style make 90% of the work, it affects your behaviours. It takes a lot of time to create a fusional relationship but it’s a satisfying activity. Many people didn’t succeed to do it or to really like it because of the black magic grid which has been removed, or because their chakras were deteriorated (as explained in the part about the chakras 6 and 7), or because they had the negative energy  which has the effect of being attracted by destructive sexuality at one point, or because they had not the appropriate style to create real link or not corresponding styles, or because of many other problems which are often fixed today. 
  • It often works without doing that: it’s also possible to start by a mission like planetary leadership, that will allow you to create real links with your group, and then to choose a woman in the group who you have already real link with. If a woman that you like think that you are particularly important for her, because you have made your mission, if she wants to thank you back for example, it’s 50% of the work, it’s much easier 
  • To alternate with negative relationship is the key and with the masculine energy.
  • If you want to try with a woman more attractive than you, it’s possible to progress to become more attractive. To be more attractive, it’s possible to do these steps:
11/ To alternate between styles at the same time as your woman creates real link

It’s possible to choose corresponding styles, which means that if the woman has the lioness energy you must have the lion energy.

12/ To limit the creation of bad link is important to better feel the effect of real links

The bad link that you have with someone create the opposite effect of real links, so the more you have bad link, the more it deactivate the real link. It’s why it’s important to limit at the maximum the creation of bad link with someone. It’s possible to be in negative phases without creating bad link.

13/ To make a mission with your woman is one of the most efficient technique to create a lot of real link

Because you often talk about that with her, it’s also a common activity that you like doing so it’s easily possible to create a fusional relationship with your woman during missions. Also because you have everytime a lot of money easily during missions, you meet a lot of people easily, you can buy what you want like expensive homes like 20 millions $ homes, expensive cars, yachts, all the clothes that you want, etc so the man and the woman are highly satisfied about that thanks to missions. Celebrity that you get during your missions is also highly satisfying mostly when you do it as a couple.

14/ To impress your woman create real link with her

To impress your woman, it’s possible to take the rooster energy, and she must take the chicken energy, so that it’s compatible, it works better with these energies, you can combine these energies with other energies, just take a style with the rooster energy to impress your woman, it works with other styles without the rooster but you will want more often to impress her with this energy. To make mission or make tournaments is efficient to impress women, but other techniques work too, much less.

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