1/ The list of the most known and widespread energies

2/ The list of the most known styles

How to learn new styles
1/ The list of the most known and widespread energies

1/ Animal energies:

These energies have real effects on you and you can have one of these energies without realizing it.  

  • Dragon: aggressivity, domination, strength, dangerous
  • In terms of giant animals/powerful energies like the dragon energy, there are also many types of mastodon energies, many types of orc energies and many types of minotaur energies, or there are also giant lion energies, giant tigers, giant sharks, giant spiders (which are not recommended), krakens, etc. I have added mostly mastodon energies and dragon energies in the styles below. Some dragon energies work with the negative energy or the positive energy, same thing for the mastodon energies, they work well either with the negative, neutral or positive energy.
  • Lion: social, dangerous, strength, leadership, positive behaviors, warm energy
  • Eagle: eases to stay focused, concentrated, to see things clearly, quickness of mind and reflection (you think faster), efficiency, focus on goals, leadership
  • Tiger: negative behaviors, dangerous, strength, motivation, aggressivity, the characteristics of the animal, the tiger energy works with the positive energy too
  • Shark: creates fear more easily on the others, aggressivity, dangerous for some of them it depends of the shark type
  • Bear: aggressivity, domination, brutality
  • Wolf: love, useful to create a fusional relationship with your woman
  • Liger: it’s the energy of greatness, you can discern the greatness energy on ligers 
  • Bull: it’s the energy of anger, you can discern the anger energy on bulls
  • Deer: increase wisdom, leadership
  • Pig: you like sex particularly, and it becomes too addictive at one point, more than normally
  • Sheep: the people have it after a long time by doing like the others  everytime 
  • Buffalo: the people have this energy sometimes by dint of fleeing from the first difficulty and often in large group like a buffalo herd against a lion
  • Turtle: like to do things slowly, many slaves have this energy when they do the same actions repeated regularly every day for example
  • Snail: dirty, it is a masculine energy, this energy is highly appreciated by women combined with other good energies, it’s the energy of misunderstanding which is an attractive masculine behaviour for women, when 2 men talk together and don’t understand each other, women like watching that, it’s attractive for them
  • Spider: you like particularly to trap some people, lies, manipulate, you don’t like the action except to kill or have destructive behaviors with others if you really have this energy, negative behaviors, stagnation energy, cold/stark energy, people want to kill them/attack them/crush them, this energy is widespread for a lot of negative people and it’s clearly possible and recommended to be negative without the spider energy
  • Bat: the bat energy is not recommended most of the time because it’s what makes you not like the positive energy, the light, the sun, etc, it’s possible to be in negative phases with other negative energies. It’s necessary to remove the bat energy to alternate at the beginning for some people
  • Elephant: allows to increase wisdom easily, less attacked and offended than for the other animals, responsability, social
  • Hiena: attack in group like a group of hyenas against a lion for example, to be mocking, it’s a negative energy, many negative people have this energy, it’s recommended to remove this energy in positive or neutral phases
  • Hippopotamus: some people have this energy or the rhinoceros energy
  • Rooster: you often want to impress women with this energy
  • Cat: you particularly like to chill with this energy, play, you still like the action sometimes
  • Sloth: you particularly like to chill with this energy but you often don’t like the action when you really have this energy, this energy reduces your motivation, those who smoke a lot of cannabis, play games excessively, etc have often the sloth or cat energies, it’s possible to remove these energies sometimes
  • Swan: it’s the energy of health, mental health, etc, when you have this energy you have more healthy behaviours and you like less unhealthy behaviours
  • Bison: it’s the energy of madness, those who are mad often have the bison energy, you can discern the madness energy on bisons, this energy is not recommended, I recommend to remove the bison energy
  • Bird: want to play, jovial, positive energy, not aggressive
  • Swallow: positive energy, it’s the energy of the good news, optimism
  • Snake: those who have this energy like to be sneaky, trap some people, it’s a negative energy
  • Fox: intelligence, eases to find solutions/to fix problems, eases to reach goals
  • Dolphin: like to play, social, like to be in large groups, intelligence
  • Blue whale: allows to increase wisdom efficiently, adult behaviours
  • Flat fish: this energy is widespread and not recommended
  • Beetle: tend to be crushed by the others, embarrassing for the others without doing nothing, easily attacked like a lot of insect energy, same thing for the other insect energies
  • Cockroach : annoying, embarrassing, this energy is widespread and not recommended
  • Mosquitoes: those who often vampirise the others and are embarrassing for them and with the negative energy since a lot of time often have this energy
  • Parasite: act like a parasite for others, annoying/embarrassing for the others, bullying/people with the parasite energy like particularly to harass one same target regularly, not appreciated
  • Firebug: you like to control the others with this energy, like policeman, they often have this energy
  • Chip: same effects than the parasite energy but like to change of target regularly, those who like to harass different people have often this energy
  • Flies: many people have this energy when they are embarrassing for the others, not liked
  • Caterpillar: people have often this energy when they feel ugly, not liked energy
  • Worm or larva: many people have these energies, it’s strongly recommended to remove them, larvas are weak, ugly, etc, remove these energies to remove these effect
  • Gnat: those who are the prey of someone who wants to trap them often have the gnat energy, mostly when the man who wants to trap them have the spider energy, it’s strongly recommended to remove this gnat energy 
  • Ghost: this energy is widespread, it’s possible to remove it, it’s not recommended to always have this energy
  • Masculine
  • Hierogamic
  • Child
  • Adult
  • Positive
  • Neutral
  • Negative
  • Warm
  • Cold

3/ Other energies

  • Leadership, the leadership energy has a good effect on your posture
  • Cannabis energy: this energy reduces your motivation, it’s possible to remove this energy 
  • Gel: the gel energy is widespread and it reduces your intelligence, you just have to remove this energy to remove this effect, those who use hair gel often have this energy for example. Some women find men with the gel energy attractive, but it’s still recommended to not have this energy every time.
  • Weapon energies: Everyone automatically has a weapon energy often without knowing it, it’s possible to have small gun energies, rocket launcher energies, or machine gun energies, etc. It depends on your behaviours and it’s possible to change this energy.
  • Handgun energies: Everyone automatically has a handgun energy often without knowing it, it depends on your behaviours. It’s possible to have giant sword energies, knife energies, the bat energy, etc. Many positive warriors get the giant sword energy at one point of the progression, I know how to use this weapon I often fight with it, I will take a picture of me with my giant sword later to answer the question. 
  • Vehicle energies: everyone automatically has a vehicle energy often without knowing it, some people have the small bicycle for kids energy, some people the supercar energy, some people the tank energy, etc. It’s possible to change this energy.
  • Object energies: everyone has an object energy it works like that, some people have the football ball energy, some people the dildo energy, some people have the toy for kid energy, etc
  • Plant energies: everyone has a plant energy often without knowing it, most of the people have the fern energy for example, the lotus flower energy is better and allows you to increase self-control for example. It’s possible to have the cannabis energy for example. The james bonds have a black flower energy for example, there are many plant energies which have each a different effect on the behaviours. Some plant energies are unwanted and have unwanted effects, but other energies are wanted and can increase concentration, intelligence, your spying skills like the james bonds black flowers, etc. It’s not possible to live normally without plant energy, everyone has a plant energy it works like that. 
  • Tree energies: it’s the same thing for tree energies, everyone has a tree energy, and some energies are more or less wanted or unwanted. Everyone has a tree energy it works like that. The key is to alternate between plant, tree, weapons, vehicles, and element energies to not always have the same energies, otherwise it becomes boring at one point. 
  • Element energies: everyone has an element energy, if you have the dragon energy you will often have the fire element. If it’s an aquatic dragon, you will probably have the water energy, the tiger makes you often have the fire energy for example, your element depends on a lot of things and on your behaviours. It’s possible to change of element contrary to your mineral energy.
  • Mineral energies: everyone has a mineral energy often without knowing, the gold or cristal energies are hard to have for example. There are many mineral energies which have each a different effect on your behaviours. The more you are precious for others the more you have a precious mineral energy. It’s not possible to change your mineral energy just by taking another mineral energy, but for plant, element and tree energies it’s possible. Generally, the more you make missions, the more you get better mineral energies when it’s a success. It makes a big difference.
  • Atom energy: everyone has an atom energy, many people have the carbon energy for example. The krypton energy is hard to have for example.
  • All of that creates a style, animal energies + a weapon energy + a handgun energy + a vehicle energy + an object energy + an element energy + a plant energy + a tree energy + the main energies. All the styles in the list below have been created according to this rule and are complex. For all these style, you can have the lion energy for example, but at 80% for example, or 10%, it depends on the style, it’s the same things for all the energies of these styles. I use these styles in the list below.
How to learn new styles
2/ The list of the most known styles

To alternate between these styles allows you to:

  • Not do always the same things with the same behaviours, because each energy affects your behaviours differently
  • To hold longer without having to lose memory, because you are not bored to do always the same things/the same behaviours, you hold even longer if you alternate also about these energies, the places if you travel/go on other planets, etc. You often want to lose memory when everything that you do become boring because you do these same things since too much time, so you like much less than at the beginning if you don’t alternate
  • To know a lot of different groups of people with different styles
  • Etc

To really understand a style, it’s necessary to take it a long time, enough time to see the effects on your behaviours. When you surf a lot and if you like to surf, your surfboard can become important for you, it’s why many surfers automatically have the surfboard energy. It’s so possible to take object energies too, which have a real effect on your behaviours too. For example a sword is often important for a warrior, because it allows him to stay alive, so it’s why many warriors automatically have the sword energy. 

The dragon energy is hard to have normally, it’s rare. Normally, you get the dragon energy automatically either by winning some fights against people with less powerful energies like the lion, bear, etc or by being respected by people with less powerful energies. If they think that you are more powerful than them, you can get the dragon energy at one point. It’s the same thing for the other energies. Also, if you are powerful, imposing, aggressive, etc you can get an imposing energy, but if you are more positive, it will be more the lion energy, if you are more negative it will be more the tiger energy, or shark, etc each behaviour is linked to an energy. 

A lot of styles are given in this list but it doesn’t make all the work. There are many other ways to make a difference. It’s necessary for this mission to talk about the most known styles because too many people have too risky energies like the bat, spider, parasite energies for example, the more you keep these energies a long time, the more the destructive effects of these energies become extreme, which can be avoided. Some people think that they are extreme while there are much more extremist people. So these new styles below are necessary, it motivates negative people to alternate with positive styles, and it motivates positive people to alternate too. It would have not worked without that, or less.

These are a few styles of this list, if you want more styles, it’s possible to buy this list, click on the link at the end of this page, these styles make you become more imposing, respected or attractive, confident, etc. 


Even without the leadership energy it works if you are not leader.


It can look like the picture of this part, I had this style in this picture. This style works great with hard rock. This style is the key. The styles 25/ and 27/ are almost the same styles with mostly the dragon energy, but it’s possible to not have a dragon energy everytime. To always have a dragon energy is a trap. It’s the same thing for the other energies, to always have a tiger energy is a trap too for example. The dragon energy is imposing but when you don’t have it, it’s possible to compensate with other imposing energies like the strength energy/mental strength, with imposing energies, a good level of self-confidence is imposing too, attacks and protections), etc, the dragon energy is not the only imposing thing and it often works without it. But sometimes it’s still necessary to be more imposing with the dragon energy.


This style is a serious style, it’s great to create real link with a woman.


The hat looks like this one


This style is reserved for those who make missions.


This style is a military style useful to seduce women when you are in a negative phase. What works the most to seduce is positive warriors styles like the style 71/, but it works great with the negative energy too. The key is to alternate between negative and postiive phases by avoiding the traps of the negative energy. It’s possible to seduce with all the styles in this list but some styles are particularly eficient to do that. To be military in wars is useful to protect the people. But the best way to protect the people is to make missions as we recommend to do it, because you reduce the level of madness of everyone where you make your missions, so without madness, there are no wars. I make the difference between useless wars and useful wars, useless wars means that the intention is to kill massively some people, and useful wars means that the intention is to protect massively some people. Useless wars are started by mad people. So during your missions, you fix the problem at the source, which means those who create useless wars, with soldiers who are not responsible of these wars. If no one make missions as we recommend to do it, mad people become more and more mad, those who are not too much mad become more and more mad too by dint of staying in the traps of this world, and this creates more and more useless wars. So the real heroes in this world are those who make missions as we recommend to do it and who force those who create useless wars to stop creating wars, we make missions like this one since a very long time, and I confirm that mad people who create wars reduce totally their level of madness progressively, they start to make missions as we recommend to do it, and they like doing that, they prefer without their madness and they don’t want anymore to create useless wars at one point. Millions of mad people who create useless wars are attracted on our planet during our missions, in order to read the knowledges of this website, then they all start to make missions as we recommend to do it thanks to God who force them to do it, so our missions are highly efficient to stop wars, each mission stop millions of wars or millions of negative missions, those who are attracted come from either this source, or other sources, other god kingdoms, other zones, etc, and they all stop their negative missions thanks to us. It works everytime, they don’t try to attack me because I am powerful enough to dissuade them from attacking me, so it’s secured, it’s the only solution to stop useless wars efficiently. At the beginning when you start to make missions as we recommend to do it, you don’t attract those who create useless wars, you just share the knowledges of this website, so it’s easy, everyone can do it and there are many advantages to do it. It’s at the highest leadership levels that you attract those who make serious negative missions or create regularly useless wars, and they stay only a few months on your planet the time to understand the knowledges of this website, they go somewhere else after that to make missions, it’s often where they have created their wars or where they made their negative missions. To make missions as we recommend to do it is particularly secured and addictive.


This style is a good positive style, it works great with the adult energy and a lot of strength like for the next style 80/.

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