Mission trainings
Buy a training to become planetary leader, source leader, god kingdom leader, leader of stratums above the god kingdom, etc. You will know how to succeed in missions or how to progress before the missions.

MISSION training

Price: 200$

This method  is the main method of this website and it's the most important one. You will know everything you need to know to become planetary leader, source leader, god kingdom leader or leader of stratums above the god kingdoms. You will know how to become leader easily, how to always like making missions, how to get the most benefits from your missions, how to progress to be ready for these missions, etc. These missions allows you to learn powerful attacks and protections and to be useful, to share the knowledges of this website, so it's important for those who will read your methods. It's simply possible to copy this website to create your methods. These missions are important for us because it helps us to fix the problem in this quarantine and it's a win-win business, you learn powerful attacks, you take all the advantages of leadership and missions, To be leader is the best situation in this world if you are the most powerful of your group and to reach higher leadership levels regularly is one of the most satisfying games in this world. These missions are highly secured, everything will be explained in these trainings about that. This training is for men and women. God can help you to succeed for these missions. Planetary leaders who prepare a mission or who come back on this planet after a mission have a high salary on this planet. Missions is the most efficient and easiest way to earn a lot of money.

Personally, before to start to make missions and find all the informations that we know today in this website, we have been lucky to not take too much drugs and to not destroy ourselves because of that, or we have been lucky to not spend time with some people who attack some people without reason which would have led us in a bad direction, or we have been lucky to be confident enough to start to make missions rapidly and think about finding what we have found explained in this website (all the solutions to all the problems), without being lucky like that, we would have not thought about all of that, we would have not found all these solutions and we would ahve probably not started to make missions. A good part of the people in this world are not lucky like that, many people are attacked regularly because they are not powerful or not confident, many people have diseases, many people are in the excess of drugs and destroy themselves because of that, many people are not satisfied and feel not great, so it's why it's important to make missions as we recommend to do it in order to share the knowledges of this website with the maximum of people as possible, because there is a solution to all the problems in this website. It's great to be useful to a high amount of people, it's highly satisfying, and the best way to do that is to make missions as we recommend to do it. To make missions is useful to not be selfish, because to become planetary leader for example is achievable for everyone thanks to this training, and it’s extremely useful and important for the inhabitants of the planet on which you will be planetary leader, because:
  • God can talk to them for the first time, so he can heal diseases, tell them if they will have a problem with their space ship, teach them many things, teach them the truth if the inhabitant don’t know the truth about what really happens in this world, all of that is useful and important for them, they can avoid many problems thanks to that
  • They learn the most important things to know about this world that you can read in this website, without knowing these informations, many people start to make negative missions (some people promote to kill children massively during rituals for example, this is a reality and billions of people do it, this is a negative mission among many other ones, or some people force scientists to create viruses in laboratory to kill massively some people, or some people create GMOs to cause diseases massively and genetic modifications in the human body, or some people create black magic grids for example to force everyone to become negative, etc), or the people start to take bad directions, fall in the traps of the negative energy or the positive energy, there are so many traps to avoid in this world, so to share the knowledges of this website is the most important thing to do in this world, it’s a matter of selfishness to not do it, because it doesn’t take too much of your time to do it (less than 1 year minimum), it’s secured, there are many advantages to do it, you earn a lot of money easily, etc
  • The people know how to fix all the problems that can happen in this world thanks to the knowledges of this website (they know how to be more attractive, more confident, more imposing, more respected, how to create real link with womenhow to get a better body, how to stop growing old, how to be in good healthhow to learn better styles, etc)

Those who make missions as we recommend to do it can be considered as heroes, because they stop the self-destruction of everyone, the people often stop to destroy themselves by falling in the traps of this world which lead to madness at one point after many years, those who make negative missions often stop to do it, those who attack regularly without reason often stop to do it, those who are everytime dissatisfied start to be satisfied, etc. Without knowing the informations of this website, everyone is in dangerous traps without realizing it, and to know these informations allow the people to choose a better direction, a more secured direction. So you could be a hero if you want, everything is possible in this world, it’s what is great, you can do what you want, some activities are not recommended but some activities like missions can make you become an hero in this world, and the advantage is that planetary leadership is an easy mission, even the next missions will look easy after your first missions. It’s totally secured, it’s not possible to make a mistake about the informations that you share because you just have to copy this website, etc. So success is guaranteed.

Those who don’t make missions and who are satisfied are also in a lot of traps that they don’t realize, and to progress and to make missions would allow them to remove these traps, if they don’t do it the traps become more and more serious, they fall in new traps with the time, the traps of the negative energy or of the positive energy, at one point it becomes madness often after a lot of years, it’s what happens to the people but for some people this self-destruction phase is slow and lasts a very long time, for some people the madness and self-destruction happens rapidly. To make missions is really the solution to all the problems because you progress and fix the problems that must be fixed progressively, so at one point you are in no trap and it’s when life is great and secured, it’s when it’s not risky. To summarize, those who are satisfied without making missions don’t stay a long time satisfied, after many years the situation becomes more and more serious and risky without that they realize it. 

At a high leadership level, you start to attract on your planet some people who make negative missions or create useless wars without reason, so that they read the knowledges of this website that you share on your planet, and they are then forced by God to make missions as we recommend to do it and stop their negative missions or create wars. So if you attract 1 millions of people like them on your planet, you stop millions of wars, you save billions of people from negative missions, etc, so those who reach high leadership levels are the real heros in this world. We do that since a long time and it works everytime, it's highly efficient. Many people that we have trained have already reached high leadership levels and do already that, so each of them stop millions of wars regularly, stop millions of negative missions, etc, but you also save all those who read the knowledges of this website that you share during your missions, including weak people who can learn how to become powerful and imposing, but including also those who become more and more mad with the years, some of them don't want to read the knowledges of this website but it's necessary to impose yourself, all of them like applying what is recommended at one point, they prefer without their madness, and they prefer when they succeed in avoiding the traps of this world. God often force them to apply what is recommended to reduce their level of madness and stop the phase of self-destruction. To make missions as we recommend to do it is the key in this world, what is recommended works with all types of people (negative people, mad people, weak people, positive people, neutral people, etc). 

We make missions like this one since a very long time and we confirm that our training about missions is highly efficient, several billions people start to make missions as we recommend to do it thanks to us and this training at each mission that we make. Each person who start to make missions as we recommend to do it motivates several millions of people to start to make missions too, so it's exponential, it means that this training is highly efficient and that it works. Those who start to make missions succeed in doing it, they are helped by God and they are protected, so there is no risk, they like doing that, those who feel not capable of making missions simply apply the progression plan of this training to be ready to make missions and they succeed in making missions at one point. There are much less things to do than you think during missions most of the time, you have a lot of free time as explained in this training.

Increase motivation to make mission

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