Real history

1/ Real history

About 50000 years ago 

The Ice Age was after and because of the lemurian war, this has caused a lot of extinctions of some animal races. 

About 30000 years Before Christ

Atlantean flood

About 10000 years BC

Another atlantean cataclysm

3300 years BC

Those who have created this destructive system have started to rewrite history to make believe to humans of this planet to a false history.

1700 BC

Fall of Akhenaten Monotheism, conquering wars


Mission of Yeshua (christ) and Marie (Sophia) who came from Sirius B to prepare the ascension age (2012) with planetary grid work and other missions), and with the essenian team. Yeshua is came back on his planet after his mission, he has not been crucified. It happens regularly that many people who come from other planets come on a planet to make missions, like for this planet, a lot of people from other planets are there actually for missions or for other reasons.


Those who have created this destructive system take revenge of this mission of Christ by spreading Anti-Peace World Religions and with the idea of ​​the Sacrifice of Christ, Church of Rome is created, beginning of all these religious wars. Council of Nicaea Infiltrates real Teachings of Christ and creation of the christianism at this moment, Control of False God Through Violence


Rise of Christianity and Islam, Religious Violence, Persecution and Crusades, Holocaust of the Cathars


Creation of sects of occult mysteries like freemasons or the illuminatis which were negative sects and they were satanists or luciferians, a lot of them work in these governments.

1914 and 1939 

World war 1 and 2 


Photonic age/ascension age 

2/ Magic / black magic

In these hieroglyphs it’s possible to discern a lot of magic. The egyptian pyramids have been created by an extraterrestrial race who had good intentions, so it’s not black magic. But magic exists in reality. Try to discern this energy. The egyptian pyramids have been built before the atlantean cataclysm, which was constructed as a device to transmit a range of powerful frequencies and subtle energies throughout the planetary grid network. It’s why, like it’s represented on the world map above, a lot of the pyramids or sites of this planet, even the american pyramids are perfectly aligned on one line of the planetary grid, like Passover island, Nazca pyramids, Ollantaytambo, Paratoari pyramids, Tassili N’ajjer, Gizeh without 100km shift, it’s not a random thing, it’s because they are aligned on one line of the planetary grid and they were used to send energies in the planetary grid to fix some problems and for other reasons, it’s possible to add Tassili N’ajjer on the map aligned on the line. There are a lot of theses sites in Peru but Peru is a large country and these sites are well aligned on this line. The atlantean cataclysm 30000 years ago was because of several generators that have exploded and ripped apart the surface continents, this has created a flood, it’s why it’s possible to find remains of the atlantian civilization in the ocean. This flood is mentioned in a lot of sacred texts.

A lot of wars in this universe confronted black magicians against white magicians.

Black magicians have bad intentions and white magicians have good intention.

There are also other types of magic like green magic, yellow magic, etc.

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Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

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