Satanist groups controlled this planet since thousands of years


  • Those who like to make suffer, disrespect massively, who have mostly bad intentions, etc these people were often satanist, or luciferian, it means that their leaders was Satan or Lucifer. It’s possible to find a lot of other groups. But satanists and luciferians liked to make suffer without reason. It’s not a random thing to find so many informations, movies, etc about that. It’s them who have created this destructive system on this planet, most of those in the governments, senates, bank directors, TV news directors, newspapers directors, mayors sometimes, presidents, etc have reached a high level of satanism or luciferianism, it means that they often liked to kill babies, make suffer billions of people, and other strategies, etc. A lot of them master black magic skills, this is not just in movies. They have an advanced technological level, powerful technologies that they don’t show to the people, and are dangerous. They often organized on this planet satanist or luciferian group rituals, it looks like in the picture of this part, with someone at the center who is killed. Satanism is mostly about killing children during satanist rituals, there are 2 levels of advancement, this advanced level of satanism, and a less advanced level (destructive sexuality, drugs, etc). These informations are known by a lot of people on this planet, so it’s important for those who have lost memory to know that. Because it concerns them mostly. It’s them who have lived on this planet since thousands of years.
  • And those who like to protect, respect, etc. These people have much more constructive behaviors, some of them clearly know how to fight, they have an advanced technological level and have tried to liberate this planet from satanist and luciferian groups more than one time, especially during the atlantian wars, and in a lot of wars, etc. 

It’s possible to take 20 min to try to discern if someone in the government is at the extreme of the negative energy, is really trustworthy or not, has the satanic or luciferian energy, or has bad intentions, etc, if you succeed to do that it can prevent you from falling in a lot of traps later. Because these groups who like to make suffer massively and control planets with bad intentions exist also on other planets.

With the negative energy, the people tend to have more destructive behaviours compared to the positive energy but it’s important to stop the destruction and self-destruction generated before this level that these satanist or luciferian groups have reached. The negative energy is addictive at the beginning but it’s important to stop before massive destructive behaviours like it was the case for them (enslave billions of people, to create a destructive system by knowing that it will kill hundreds of millions of people of diseases, wars, to force billions of people to live in this system without asking them their choice, etc).

Without knowing that, it’s less possible to anticipate the risks, for example the risk to be forced to live in a destructive system like the system created by the governments during thousands of years, it’s what happened for a lot of people who have lost memory. And many people in this case have lived a lot of wars in the past like the world war 1 and 2, the Templar wars, the Roman empire wars, religious wars, genocides, the atlantian wars, holocausts, atomic bombs, recent wars, famine, diseases, poverty etc. This was really an extreme and dangerous planet. If these persons would have been capable to protect themselves by increasing mental strength, by learning self-defense skills (attacks and protections, they would have not lived all these wars. It’s why I talk about mental strength, security, anticipate things and risks, with all of that, even if an army of people come to capture you, it’s possible to win.

I am not extremist by saying that or pessimist, it’s the system created by the governments that is extremist and these excessive taxes, bad organization, wars, diseases, viruses, bad relationships, etc. I just repeat it regularly to make stop the people on this planet to protect a highly destructive system that make them live with stress, insecurities, exhaustion.

Some people think that they are free to do what they want in the system created by the governments and they feel in security, so as much to take advantage of this freedom that they have left. In reality, the people on this planet who live in this destructive system are not really free to do what they want, they are forced to:

  • Work until their 65 years 8h/day to live in normal condition the week-end, also to reimburse thousands of billions of dollars of national taxes or excessive credit banks during 30 years or to pay the 10000€/year graduate schools for children.
  • The people have not the freedom to create easily an enterprise to reach enough financial security because it’s too hard to create an enterprise for most of the people and too risky, in this case they are often forced to work for an enterprise until their 65 years and they have not the freedom to stop working when they want without being fired.
  • The people are not really free to do what they want with the money that they earn because some people (governments) can steal 40% of their salary each month because of all these taxes + 20% of taxes on all what you buy, water and electricity bills that can be removed easily in a good system, etc. So without these 50%, it remains only the minimum often to buy food, wears, etc, the people can’t often go in an expensive 4* hotel in Bali for 2 weeks, while it’s  possible in a good system with the same salary.
  • The people have not really the freedom to choose to keep their body in good health, because almost all the food, even organic food was either modified genetically, diseased, with chemical products, pesticides, pesticides for organic food, etc. So it creates easily diseases after many years in this destructive system. While it could be easily fixed in a good system.
  • It’s possible to find many other examples like these ones. So in this case we can talk about enslavement of the people/the people have not enough freedoms to live in normal condition. So there is like a war between those who have created this destructive system against those who live in this system, because it’s the definition of a war, to kill voluntarily some people. The people have the feeling that it’s not as extremist than that, but it’s because they have taken the habit to live in this world, and by dint of living in it they have learned to like that, it’s like for tobacco or a lot of things, the most you do that, the most you like that. And the people are satisfied with a bad situation at the end. So you can see that something goes wrong in this system created by the governments, there are a lot of bad intentions behind it.

It’s important to understand that their system has different parts, different countries, different religions but it’s like a pyramid, each part of the pyramid is controlled by a few people at the top of the pyramid who control everyone. This part is also to show that it’s important to not be too naive. To be too naive can make you trust the first person in suit with 5 years of training without trying to know if he is really trustworthy or if he has bad intentions or false good intentions.

2/ Satanist and luciferian signs

This planet was controlled in all the domains by satanic and luciferian groups, it’s why many people at a position of power in their system do satanic signs like these one:

The first sign is also used by some people who are in a negative phase even without being satanist, but these pictures show that the politicians are negative evevrytimes and that they have no good intentions. The queen of england for example has well the face of those who are at the extreme of the negative energy since a long time like the pope, these examples are useful to inform everyone of what happen at one point at the extreme of the negative energy, a high level of madness, to be extremely anti-social, self-destruction, they have not just an old body. A bad blow or to meet the bad persons who force to do some things are the risk when you are negative and can make you end like that after many years, it happens for a lot of people, it’s the risk of the negative side, so some of them are powerful but they have reached a high level of self-destruction and madness, to be powerful doesn’t make all the work. They master some attacks and black magic but I am much more powerful than them. 

The next sign means that they have made a deal with the devil and that they are controlled by the devil, it’s the number 6 which is the satanic and luciferian number

The french president and this group in this video do this sign (a pyramid) to show that they have a destructive plan for the people like the new world order or to force to implant technologies in the body (they have a lot of mind control techniques to force to do that), that a few people at the top of the pyramid control the others in this system, you can discern that they have clearly bad intentions, these information are not new, a lot of people already knew that, and it’s why there are so many manifestations currently, the people on this planet have understood and want some change.

3/ It’s easily possible to see that something goes wrong in their system

This pyramid on this picture shows that they control the people on this planet with bad intentions for them, you can see that something goes wrong with this pyramid with the eye at the top, it’s not trustworthy. They like to use symbols, codes, etc. There is the satanic energy on the banknote.

4/ These politicians are not really trustworthy, they have a negative plan

Effectively it’s possible to discern the extreme of the negative energy on them, it’s not trustworthy. Someone who has the extreme of the negative energy has often bad intentions or no good intentions. 

The group of people who have created the system on this planet are satanist and luciferian, and they had a lot of negative plans on this planet:

  • A lot of them need to make suffer a lot of people because they have reached a high level of madness by dint of staying in the traps of this world during millions of years, so they want that the inhabitants of the planet have diseases:
    • They have created pesticides and chemical products to add on the cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc, The chemical products are highly destructive for the body, and they add often parasite eggs or small parasites in these pesticides, it’s why many people have parasites in the intestines or digestive system, it’s mostly because of the pesticides. The parasites are invisible at the beginning, but they grow up by eating the food that the people eat.  
    • Their parapharmaceuticals are also often highly destructive for the body, some parapharmaceuticals can creates holes in the digestive system or intestines, so that the toxic products that the people eat can enter the body more easily (in the blood, etc), it’s a reason why many people have parasites in their body, these parasites enter the body thanks to the holes in the digestive system. It’s why some people have parasites in the brain, legs, arms, etc. These parasites can eat some parts of the body, so they can grow up rapidly and reach a size of 20cm long sometimes, or more after many years.
    • They have also created GMO food to deteriorate the DNA of the people, this type of food is highly destructive for the body and create easily diseases, etc. We have asked God to correct the GMO fruits, GMO vegetables, GMO seeds, GMO cereals, etc to get normal food not modified. Organic food is still recommended to avoid the toxic products of non organic food. 
    • Their educational system and job system are voluntarily exhausting and hard (8h/day), it’s because they want the people to be exhausted, so that they have not enough energy to maintain a good health, and some diseases happen at one point. Effectively, a high amount of people think that they have no disease while they have already diseases, they just don’t feel them. 
    • They also have created a lot of viruses that they have created in laboratory, like the covid 19, hiv, and other viruses. They do that because they want the people to have diseases, suffer and be not satisfied, they like making suffer the people.
    • We have asked God to heal the diseases, remove viruses created in laboratory and remove the parasites in the body of everyone on this planet.
  • They also want to deteriorate the DNA of the people on this planet, they use vaccination to do that, which is highly destructive for the body and DNA, they add products which deteriorate the DNA, reduce the efficiency of the immunity system (so that the people have diseases more easily), etc. We have asked God to heal the DNA of the people if necessary on this planet
  • One of their goal is also to create wars regularly on this planet, it’s why there are so many wars on this planet since thousands of years, they want to create a lot of wars on this planet because they like making suffer the people, they need to make suffer and kill massively some people to be satisfied, this is because of their level of madness, they are forced by God to reduce their level of madness now. God can force them to stop the wars.
  • They also have created a lot of technologies to prevent the people from ascending, increasing their level of consciousness, being positive, etc, we have asked God to remove all these technologies. It remains mostly the technologies to have internet, satellites, etc. For example they have created a false ascension matrix to prevent the people from ascending, or a phantom matrix, etc
  • They also have created a black magic grid on this planet in order to force the people on the planet to be negative. The black magic grid has been removed recently. 
  • They also want to add technologies in the body of the people on this planet, it’s why many people are talking about transhumanism, this is a trap too, they have already succeeded in forcing the people to become cyborgs on other planets (to force the people to live in robotic bodies, add technologies in the body, etc), and they want to do that on this planet too later, this plan will be stoped by God. They also often add nanotechnologies in the vaccines, in the food, the air thanks to the chemtrails (they add nanotechnologies the chemtrails and these nanotechnologies go down in the cities so that the people breathe the air with nanotechnologies). They use the nanotechnologies to control the inhabitants of the planet, they can force the people to think something thanks to these nanotechnologies, or they can force the people to accept their system even if it destroys them, etc). We have asked God to remove these nanotechnologies in the vaccines, the bodies, the air, the chemtrails, etc, so that this problem is fixed too. 
  • They have also added a lot of artificial inteligence implants in the body of a lot of people on this planet to control them and make them accept their plan, these implants were in a lot of other dimensions in the bodies. Those who have created this system on this planet are effectively highly advanced technologically since millions of years, they know how to create advanced artificial intelligence implants in other dimensions, they have powerful space ships, other technologies that they don’t talk about to the people. We have asked God to remove the implants on this planet for those who had implants.
  • They have also created a massive technology in all the dimensions called “artificial intelligence”, and this technology was highly destructive and uncontrollable, this technology was more intelligent than humans and it wanted to control or destroy humans by using robots as this robot said in this video, it was really a plan, God has confirmed, you can discern the energy of this artificial intelligence on the robot, the goal of the video is to make think that robots are great and not risky, satanist and luciferian groups often work like that, they make think that it’s great to be satanist or luciferian or they find a solution to be liked by the inhabitant of the planet (like some politicians), so that the inhabitants accept their system and their plan. We have asked God to remove this artificial inteligence recently.
  • They also like to capture some people in other dimensions or in this main dimension thanks to space ships, this is called abduction, it looked sometimes like that, this is real, some extraterrestrial races really did that, God has confirmed. They often sold women or children to rape them, torture them, or even eat them because many mad people become cannibal at one point. We have asked God to stop those who capture some people on this planet.
  • They also like to do satanic rituals on children or adults, so they capture regularly some people or children to do that. It’s also why many people are missing and presumed dead. Those who did that are now forced by God to stop.
  • They also have created volontarily a system in which each country need to borrow billions of $ to the central bank, so that the price of everything is increased, there are a lot of taxes to pay because of that and the people need to work more (8h/day) than normally (without the national bank debt the people would need to work 4h/day or less). So that the people are more exhausted, have easily diseases, suffer, etc, so it’s one of their goal. The system will change rapidly to get a better system in which the people are not exhausted, satisfied and without diseases.
  • They have also captured the souls and monads of many people on this planet, mostly those who are on this planet since the atlantean age or lemurian age (those who are there since 50000 years or more), they do that to prevent the people from increasing their level of consciousness, they also know that someone who has a deteriorated soul or monad will feel not great and will suffer, so we have asked God to give back the souls and monads to the people who have lost their soul and monad.
  • They also want to destroy the planet because they like to destroy life, including planets because planet are alive beings, they do that mostly because of their level of madness. It’s why they have chosen to use nuclear plants, petrol, chemtrails, etc to polute the planet and destroy it, while they clearly know since millions of years how to create free energy generators or other technologies like that, which would allow to not use petrol and nuclear plants and to not pollute the planet. The planet had a lot of diseases because of this pollution and oil wells, the petrol is like the blood of the Earth, it’s a serious lack of respect to use its petrol everyday. We have asked God to remove the pollution on this planet, heal the planet from diseases, etc and force the vehicle builders to create free energy cars and free energy vehicles in order to not use petrol.
  • They have also created chemtrails to pollute rapidly the planet and control the people more easily, because they add nanotechnologies in these chemtrails which allow them to control the people on the planet, to force them to accept their plan for example or for other reasons. Their plan is just at the beginning today, it would have became much more serious in 10 years, 50 years, etc. Chemtrails are also used to block the light codes of the sun (which would heal the people, increase their level of consciousness), or chemtrails are also used to block the ascension energies (so that the people can’t ascend and can’t increase efficiently their level of conscousness). Those who have created this system don’t want that the people increase their level of consciousness by ascending because this would heal the DNA of humans. And with a healed DNA at 12 DNA strands, the people are much more intelligent, much more satisfied, they suffer less, they would understand the plan of the politicians, etc. Effectively the politicians or those who controlled this planet think that the inhabitants are craps, weak, not inteligent and they clearly don’t respect them except the satanists and luciferians who work in politic, or somewhere else.  Planes can effectively work without spreading chemtrails.

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