The ascension process

The earth rotates around the sun of this solar system. This sun brings a lot of energy to this planet and normally human bodies need this energy to function correctly, it’s well known that the sun allows the human body to create vitamin D for example. This solar system is currently in a position in space (in a large photonic band coming from the central sun) with a lot of photonic energy like it’s represented in this video at 41min32 (in english/good video about the subject of this part). The central sun is a much larger sun than the sun of this solar system. 

This planet and this solar system is also positioned in space aligned with the galactic center, this has an effect on humans because of some reasons and creates this ascension age, this happens each 26000 years. Video about our galaxy, the andromeda galaxy, planets size, universes, etc. Before 2012, this planet didn’t receive as much photonic energy and ascension energies as today. A lot of scientists are confirming that more energy is on this planet since 2012. 

1/ The ascension process

There are 12 main chakras in the human body but there are much more chakras, the seven first chakras are the color points on the previous picture. Many people on this planet have 3 or 4 activated chakras instead of 12 minimum. So the ascension process will reactivate your chakras in order to have 12 activated chakras minimum.

Thanks to this photonic energy and these ascension energies, the people on this planet are more than normally interested in the positive energy, positive behaviours than 50 years ago. The key is still to alternate between negative, neutral and positive phases but when you are in a positive phase, you will better succeed to have positive behaviours/constructive behaviours. 

The ascension process is a natural process/organic process/biological process, it is part of the natural evolution of the human species. This process is important if you want to like to be in positive phases, which is recommended, to learn how to communicate with others with respect, to have a positive mindset/optimist mindset about life in general, to not be a source of problem for the others, etc.   

When you are in a positive zone or are in a relaxing zone like a home, your chakras are often opened. And the more you have your chakras opened: 

  • The more you will receive efficiently ascension energies because you receive these energies by your chakras mostly, this can teach you positive behaviours during positive phases
  • The more you activate your deactivated chakras rapidly thanks to the ascension energies which have this effect (to activate new chakras), for example, if you have just 4 chakras activated, after a time your chakra 5 will be activated if you ascend

To learn how to be in positive phases and to activate these 12 main chakras or more chakras thanks to these ascension energies is called ascension. This happens during positive phases and it often doesn’t happen during negative phases. And the global awakening means that the people of this planet learn what really happens on this planet and what happened in the past, learn how to move in the dimensions, use telepathy to communicate, use their discernment to discern the different energies, etc, these are important skills that those who have lost memory have forgotten. 

Symptoms of the ascension:

  • Yawnings
  • Long breathings
  • You better like positive phases than without ascension energies
  • You are more interested in wisdom teaching
  • You increase more easily your level of consciousness

2/ DNA, deteriorated DNA

The DNA of most of humans on this planet has been modified voluntarily by the governments of this planet and those who worked for them because of:

  • OGM food
  • Vaccination

Their goal was to deteriorate the DNA of humans on this planet because they know that the more a human has a deteriorated DNA, the more he will have diseases, the less he will be smart and will want to increase his level of consciousness. Because with a deteriorated DNA, humans are busy with health problems regularly, are not often smart enough to understand what happens on this planet, are naive/trust the first politician in suit, etc. A lot of humans had on this planet 2 or 3 DNA strands instead of 12 DNA strands minimum normally. This is because of these DNA modifications. These informations can also be proven scientifically because some people have 2 DNA strands, some people 3, some people 4, etc. 

So the more a human absorbs some photonic energy and ascension energies, the more it will heal his DNA and recreate these 12 DNA strands useful to live correctly. If your 4th chakra is activated, you have 4 DNA strands, 5th chakra = 5 DNA strands, 6th chakra = 6 DNA strands, etc. With 12 DNA strands, the DNA looks like in the picture below contrary to the previous DNA picture at 2 DNA strands. A DNA with 12 DNA strands is useful to be in good health everytime, it increases well being, your level of consciousness, etc.

Humans on this planet had generally 2 or 3 DNA strands, those who controlled this planet have made believed to the people that the 10 other DNA strands of humans are junk DNA, while these are just the other deactivated DNA strands that humans on this planet have to reactivate, these 10 other DNA strands are important DNA strands, these are not junk DNA. 


3/ Techniques to ascend efficiently

  • Meditate by feeling the ascension energies in your body, this is the most efficient technique to ascend efficiently, if you do this meditation everyday, you will ascend rapidly and get all the advantages of the ascension.
  • Spend time in water sometimes, water is an energy catalyst, which means that you will receive more ascension energies when you are in water, you will ascend more rapidly, for example 30min in the sea, or in a hot tub, a swimming-pool, etc
  • The more you live phases in which you are relaxed, not stressed, etc, the more your chakras will be opened, which will allow you to receive more ascension energies. 

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