Types of relationships

In terms of types of relationship, there are many solutions:

  • Either the woman and the man are totally faithful, this option clearly works, it depends
  • Either the woman and the man are not faithful, in this case it’s recommended to be careful to not create too much bad link when someone in the couple really doesn’t like when the other is unfaithful. With too much bad link you like much less the relationship than without bad link, at one point the missions if you make missions and the relationship can stop for example with a lot of bad link (when someone really doesn’t like the other because he has not liked when he/she was unfaithful), when someone creates too much bad link, it’s recommended to stop being unfaithful to maintain a good relationship and create again real link to compensate if you want to save the relationship. Or if there are unbalances in the couple (if someone is more attractive than the other), it’s when the couple is attracted by unfaithfulness or it can create problems, so it’s recommended in this case to balance the couple (the person who was less attractive than the other must progress to become more attractive by reaching higher leadership levels for example it’s what works the most, or by reaching your best potential in all the domains). This unfaithfulness option can work in many cases, it depends. 
  • Either the woman is faithful and the man is a bit unfaithful, this type of relationship is what works the most for men and women, because in most of the cases women don’t create bad link when the man is unfaithful if he is not too unfaithful/a lot of women don’t care about that, I personnaly am unfaithful about 1 weekend / 3 weeks, so it’s not too much. If I am unfatihful for example during a party, I often do it with my woman during the time that I am faithful (the 3 weeks) but not everytime, she doesn’t care about that because I live with her and she is highly satisfied about that. Sometimes we make breaks during 1 week, or 2 weeks, or 1 month because it’s necessary sometimes, she stays faithful during these breaks, she is unfaithful only with women and I am unfaithful only with women too. During these breaks she spends time with friends, she goes in a large home that she buys for her and her friends, etc, she is not bored in these breaks, there are a lot of things to do. There is a process to become faithful for women so that they don’t need to be unfaithful, without doing this process, the women often need to be unfaithful at one point, regularly or almost never, but this happens at one point, it depends on the woman, so this process allows to avoid to create too much bad link which could affect the relationship , it’s often the cause of the end of the relationship at one point. A lot of women often do this process at one point of the progression at a high leadership level, and they are highly satisfied in this type of relationship by being faithful because:
    • Their man masters the best styles
    • He knows how to fight or he is powerful so it’s possible to impress his woman regularly, in tournaments for example as explained in this part
    • He has an attractive body and he can take other attractive bodies that he has already had in the past (by changing of body in other dimensions, so that if your woman wants a black body but not everytimes, it’s possible either to take all your strength to get a black body, or it’s possible to take momentarily a black body that you have already taken in the past just the time to have sex for example, it works with asian bodies too, etc, or even with ugly and masculine bodies like this one (sometimes women like ugly and masculine bodies but rarely most of the time, many women like sometimes mostly if it’s your women, with a lot of sexual attraction link or real link, they better like), etc, it’s possible to ask God to give you an attractive black body if you have never had a black body in the past, then just do weight training with this black body and you will be ready to take this body when you want by changing of body. For the ugly and masculine body, it’s possible to ask God to give you an attractive ugly and masculine body, then you just have to take a masculine style which works great with that, and you will be ready to take this body when you want by changing of body, I have bodies like that. It’s also recommended to create candid camera videos like the previous video to show that you have a good level with this style, women like that, it’s really attractive for them so that your woman prefers you with this style if you do it when you have already a lot of real link, sexual attraction link and love link with her, so I recommend to do it at a high leadership level or at the highest leadership levels. This style is a negative style so you will tend to have bad intentions but you can see that it’s not too serious, it’s just negative, and those who are trapped often progress after that to not have reasons to be trapped again or to succeed in being confident to not be ridiculed (have good reactions), mostly on a planet where some planetary leaders have made a mission to share the knowledges of this website (so they have all what they need to progress and fix their problem like a lack of self-confidence, etc). And to create candid camera videos with this negative style is secured because you alternate with positive phases after that. It’s recommended to not give up about that because it makes a difference with women, women like that, just make 1 video, then make a break, then another one, then make a break, etc, it’s a good activity, it’s not boring, anyway when you make missions as we recommend to do it you have a lot of free time and you don’t work, so you have the time to create candid camera videos. Also when you have not serious bad intentions with someone, it’s useful to warn him because some people have extremely serious bad intentions in this world, some people like to torture and kill without reason some people regularly, so if they lack self-confidence it’s highly risky for them, it’s not recommended to be weak and not powerful in this world)
    • He is a great leader, highly motivating, inspiring, with a good reputation, etc
    • He makes missions, so at the level of source leadership the man becomes well attractive because he creates a vlog and he starts to be well powerful, so if he does weight training and if he is source leader, everything that he does is attractive for women, it’s really efficient, it’s even more true for god kingdom leadership, the man becomes well styled, powerful and attractive at this level so it’s even more attractive for the woman, then at a higher leadership level the man becomes even more attractive, and it’s even more true at the highest leadership level when he reaches his best potential about missions, it’s when he is the most attractive for women. To make missions as we recommend to do it is the key in this world, it’s a dangerous trap to not do it.
    • He can be the most attractive of a planet for example during missions, the more he reaches high leadership levels the more he will be attractive for women
    • He can do weight training
    • He learns how to have sex with several of his bodies at the same time in different dimensions so when a woman wants double or triple penetration, you can do it alone it works great with this technique or when you have sex with several women at the same time, you can use several of your bodies to do it instead of just 1 body, so the women don’t need several men for that, just you is enough thanks to this technique and it’s possible to do more things than without this technique, there are much more possibilities (it’s possible to learn how to do that at the level of game leadership, I often use this technique it works perfectly, just ask God to teach you how to use several of your bodies in different dimensions at the same time, God often accept if you progress to become game leader. If you have sex with 10 women at the same time for example, with this technique it’s much more possible because you can use 1 body / woman or 2 or 3 bodies for 1 woman for example, it’s not a trap to do it, everyone like doing it and everyone agree to do it, so it’s not a trap. So when you have sex and when you want to use several bodies at the same time, you just have to place the first body, make a few movements with this bodies before controlling another body, do the same thing with this second body (make a few movements and change of body), your bodies will then move without needing to control them but it’s still you who move your bodies by using the unconscious, the bodies do what you would do/what you did before having changed of body (just normal movements, but if you want to control one body to change of position for example or increase the intensity or just enjoy what you do with this body, you just have to go in this dimension to control it). It’s like if someone captures one of your body in another dimension, you don’t control this body consciously, you don’t know what happens in his dimension, you know only what you do in your dimension, so in the other dimension the person can talk to your body, ask him some things, ask him to have sex, etc, and the body will succeed in doing all of that because it’s still your unconscious who control your body, it’s still you, it’s almost the same thing, and you just have to go in this other dimension to know what happen. So it’s the same thing for this technique, it’s still you who control your bodies but with the unconscious, it’s almost the same thing.
    • He start to have a high potential in all the domains or he has reached his best potential in all the domains
    • The woman also has a high level of real link, love link and sexual attraction link at one point by dint of making missions with her man and spending time with him, so these links increase the intensity of everything that she does with him, so she is highly satisfied with him at one point of the progression or rapidly, it depends.
    • Etc, all of that makes the woman highly satisfied. God can help women to do this process to become faithful if they want. It’s also possible to be in this type of relationship without doing the process to become faithful, many couples do that even without having a high leadership level because this type of relationship works great, this often happens when the woman doesn’t care about if his man is a bit unfaithful, it’s not often and it’s only 2 days most of the time, so she doesn’t suffer about that, but it works much better by doing the process, this process is the key at one point of the progression. 
It depends on the man generally:
  • Some men really don’t like when their main woman is unfaithful, in this case it’s recommended for the woman to be faithful (if your woman refuse to be faithful, it’s recommended to become more attractive so that at one point she accepts because you are highly attractive for her, it’s hard to refuse at one point for women when you are highly attractive, even if you are not game leader and if you are at the previous leadership level, it’s hard to refuse because when you almost reach your best potential in all the domains, it’s highly attractive for women. Those who are game leader just have a better potential and will be more attractive, but if your woman has links with you, or if you are genetic equal for example, in this case she can prefer being in couple with you even if you are not game leader because the real link, sexual link and love link increase the intensity of everything. In a lot of cases women still accept before the highest leadership levels)
  • But some men don’t care about that and don’t suffer too much when their woman is unfaithful, so in this case it’s clearly possible for the woman to be unfaithful and for the man to be unfaithful too. We still recommend the third option (woman faithful and man unfaithful), because men who are a bit unfaithful are more satisfied, it has this effect when they like doing that, so the more the man is satisfied, the more his mission is efficient, the other men will want to do like him, he becomes a better leader, etc.

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